The Pill Made Me Fat. Supplements + Diet + Exercise Works Better for PCOS

I was diagnosed with PCOS 2 years after stopping birth control pills. On the pill, I gained 40 lbs., which I believe started insulin resistance in my body.

I had no periods at all for 2 years. The doctors wanted to put me back on birth control pills to "fix" the problem. I refused.

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I started doing research on the Internet. After much prayer and guidance, I supplemented my diet with a multi-vitamin, trace minerals, magnesium, chromium, vitamin E and flaxseed oil.

I also changed my diet. I ate nothing with white flour as an ingredient. I stopped eating meat since is slows digestion. I added salads and fruits to my staples.

I implemented an exercise routine of 3 times a week for 30-45 minutes of walking or riding my bike. It took a year to implement all these things and I thought sometimes that I was going too far, that maybe I was overacting, but I just had to follow the cues of my body.

Well, after having a period for 3 months, my husband and I conceived. I am 25 weeks pregnant with a baby boy! This is truly a miracle and worth all the tears of trying to learn how my body ticks. I hope everyone going through this can find a PCOS treatment that works best for them.

- Nicole W.

Story #2:  On the Path to Success with PCOS

Success.  Isn't it funny how life is?  We all are part of these PCOS symptoms that prevent us from gaining what we want and desire.

I wouldn't say that I have success yet, although I wish I am on the way there.  Having had my right ovary removed 2 years ago, gave me less than 50% chance of conceiving, and just to find out at the beginning of this year that my only left ovary is now polycystic. My chances, I knew, were next to nothing.

Anyways, having had already decided to go and approach a specialist, my husband and I though we should maybe opt for herbal medicine just so we then know we had tried all in our power and realize that this was now completely out of our hands.

We purchased and sugar lowering "Gluco-Low" from a nutrition house and I began using that. Soon after I started exercising on a Glider and completely cut my sugar intake down and started having artificial sweeteners in my tea etc.

This I only carried on for approximately 1 month, and only 2 weeks of exercise.

Amazingly I found myself 4 weeks pregnant soon after!

I believe that even though there are obvious suggestions all over Internet, we women somehow choose to ignore them, as I did in the beginning.

But believe me, once you succeed, you would realize that all these possible suggestions do work!

Good luck to you all!

- Anonymous

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