Jennifer's Small Victory over PCOS

We're excited about Jennifer’s experience and happy for her success (see below).  She has had extraordinary positive results using our recommendations as described in The Natural Diet Solution for PCOS and Infertility.

It is important to keep in mind that every individual woman will have her own very personal story.  Most women use the diet and exercise program for two to three months before establishing certain and regular ovulatory cycles.  Some may require a special consultation with a naturopathic doctor or other health professional for additional custom-prescribed herbal and vitamin/mineral supplementation, in order to achieve regular menstrual cycles.

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Every woman should give herself about 12 months with careful attention to the guidelines in this e-book to fully restore her system, to recover from whatever has contributed to her infertility, in order to enjoy optimal health for a wonderful pregnancy and a healthy baby.

OK, here's Jennifer's great story!

PCOS Success Story

Hello! I am 29 years old, married for 8 years, and my husband and I have been trying for over 2 years to have a child.

My problems all started when I was a teenager, moderately overweight (not obese) with an extremely unpredictable, irregular period and a moderate hormone imbalance: high testosterone, low estrogen, hypothyroidism, questionable blood sugar problems, etc.

I had my first large ovarian cyst burst (in the middle of a movie theater!) at age 19.  A month later, I was hospitalized for major right side pain and it was noticed upon ultrasound that I had another softball-sized cyst tangled in my right fallopian tube.  I had surgery to remove the cyst, and unfortunately the right tube had to be removed as well. I received the news that they believed my condition was consistent with PCOS.

Years later, still suffering from constant right-side pain and hormone fluctuations (along with unsightly hair-growth, etc.), I had yet another ultrasound for diagnostic purposes.  This time, a network of tissue had webbed my pelvic cavity.

More Surgery and Drugs

I had another endoscopic surgery to remove all the webbing, and the tissue excised for testing -- it was endometriosis.  I was put on Lupron injections to send me into menopause, at the ripe old age of 22 and those months that followed offered some relief from the pain.  However, my right side has never stopped hurting and I have suffered from intense hot flashes for nearly 10 years.

Even though I rarely had a period, I was still on birth control at this point, using the Ortho Evra patch for nearly 3 years.  Growing closer to college graduation, I took myself off the patch for a year leading up to us beginning to "try".  Well, in order to try to conceive you must ovulate, and after the patch, I never did again on my own.

I started seeing a reproductive endocrinologist who prescribed Provera for the first 10 days of each month to start a period.  So when I finally started, we tried for 4 months.  Nothing happened.  Then with Clomid, then with Clomid and artificial insemination. Then with injections.  Then injections and artificial insemination.  This went on for 2 years, all that money gone, and no baby - - not even a good prognosis!  Then one day my doctor came in the exam room with the in-vitro packet. $7,500 - $20,000 for this procedure?!

Time for a Change!

At this point, I knew I needed to make some lifestyle changes...

I purchased your book online one Sunday afternoon and nearly read it all in one sitting.  I made a list of the items I needed to purchase at Whole Foods, and I donated the canned foods and miscellaneous items out of my pantry to a local soup kitchen.

I am proud to report that after two weeks of trying the PCOS diet, I started a period ON MY OWN without the aid of drugs!  I could not believe it! I have not had a period on my own since the 8th grade (15 years ago?) - - I have always tried to eat primarily organic foods, but it was not until I made the gluten and dairy connection, that I was able to see these fantastic results.

By the way, I also lost 10 pounds during the two weeks!

Forgive me for being long-winded here, but after all I've been through, I needed this small victory!

Thanks Nancy and Bill!!

I look forward to telling you of a pregnancy in the future! ;)

-- Jennifer H.

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