"I Have No Idea How to Stop It.
I Hate to Look in the Mirror"

Have you said this to yourself as you look at your thinning hair?

Hello, this is Bill Slater. So many of you have been asking me:

Is There a Solution to My Hair Loss?

I decided to look into it. I looked at a couple of books on the topic. Not much there. So I then reviewed over 1,000 medical research studies related to hair in an attempt to figure out what can be done about female hair loss.

I wrote an e-book on what I found out. There is hope! Read on for more details.

Female Hair Loss Solutions Ebook

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I confirmed my original suspicion that there is no single, simple solution to this complex problem.

However, I discovered quite a number of tantalizing possibilities for managing hair loss and encouraging hair growth in a natural way. I share all of them in the e-book.

I also found out that hair growth and loss is an exceedingly complex process. In addition to your genetic predisposition, hair loss is caused by a complex disarray of your hormones and other messenger systems in your body and hair follicles. Some of this disarray is caused by environmental factors, including your diet. I also discovered that inflammation is a common thread in most types of hair loss.

What we have is a complex problem that is beyond the reach of any simplistic treatment. The research suggests that you need to attack the problem from several different angles all at once.

The good news is that the research also shows that you can definitely increase the probability of preventing hair loss -- if you know what to do. You can tip the scales in your favor!

On the other hand, if you do nothing, you can expect hair thinning to continue. If you rely entirely on pharmaceuticals, you may get some short-term positive results -- but who wants to be exposed to the side effects of drugs for a lifetime or putting a drug on your scalp every day for rest of your life?

A better option is to identify as many of the causes of your hair loss as you possibly can. And then target your efforts towards removing the causes.

The "Natural Solutions for Female Hair Loss" E-book

In this ebook, I have described a strategy for at least slowing down your hair loss and setting the stage for re-growth. It doesn't offer any magic bullets. Magic bullets for this disorder do not exist. But it does have information and recommendations that will definitely increase the probability that you can save your hair and very possibly get some of it back.

This ebook includes more than 230 pages jam-packed with information, the latest research, suggestions, tips and guidelines.

The information will help you understand hair thinning and loss. The suggestions and guidelines will give you a path for actually starting down the road to hair recovery.

  • Chapter 1: Introduction. Describes your five most critical challenges.
  • Chapter 2: What Is Hair? This chapter has information about how your hair works. You will learn something new here.
  • Chapter 3: What Causes Hair Loss? After finishing this chapter, you will end up knowing as much as your doctor knows about the causes of hair loss, and probably more! Remember, if you can't identify the causes of a problem, you can't fix it. You may want to read this chapter several times.
  • Chapter 4: How to Diagnose Hair Loss. Discover how hair loss is diagnosed. You also get tips on how to prepare for a doctor's visit.
  • Chapter 5: FDA-Approved Conventional Treatments for Female Hair Loss. Mostly a discussion of minoxidil.
  • Chapter 6: Conventional Medical Treatments. I review 16 medications as well as laser therapy and hair transplants.
  • Chapter 7: Natural Therapies. I list 7 natural therapies you can utilize, 3 of which you can do yourself. These natural therapies should be a part of any healthy hair program.
  • Chapter 8: Nutritional Supplements and Herbs. I think you will find this chapter quite informative. I review 26 nutritional supplements and 7 herbs with regard to hair loss. One of the supplements is a hormone that appears to help regulate hair growth. There are some very interesting possibilities here.
  • Chapter 9: Scalp Care & Treatment Tips. I discuss some do's and do not's of taking care of your hair. You'll discover some things you were probably not aware of.
  • Chapter 10: Diet for Healthier Hair. This chapter is very long and quite detailed. Why? Because the research I've seen indicates that your diet plays a central role in your long-term ability to save your hair -- and possibly help it to grow back. If you optimize your diet, you increase your chances of controlling hair loss.
  • Chapter 11: Your Hair Loss Prevention Action Plan. In this chapter I lay out a 16-step action plan so that you can move forward immediately to slow down your hair loss, quite possibly stop it completely?and set the stage for the lost hairs to start growing back.

Are You Ready to Pull Back the Shroud of Mystery Surrounding Hair Loss
and Start Your Hair Loss Prevention Action Plan?

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- Bill Slater

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