I Had Terrible Migraines - 13 Years on the Pill Is NOT the Answer

As an emerging young woman of 13, I developed terrible migraine headaches.

I saw all the "right" doctors and had the "latest" therapies available. The problem was, they weren't really helping.

In fact, as my hormones surged throughout my teens, my migraines worsened. Plus, I was developing hirsutism, weight problems, and painful - though infrequent - periods.

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At 22, my OB/GYN introduced the phrase "Polycystic Ovaries" to my vocabulary. He said my best chance for controlling the symptoms was to continue taking synthetic hormones - aka "the pill".

Fast forward 10 years into my healthcare career. I worked with a family physician whose wife, Linda, introduced me to progesterone cream. She shared her own story with our staff and dozens of hormonal women suffering from an array of symptoms from PMS to hot flashes.

Estrogen Dominance

I heard Linda talk to our patients about something called "estrogen dominance". I nodded in approval as our doctor tailored new treatment options for these ladies with Arbonne's Prolief natural progesterone cream. The good news stories started pouring in!

Still, I ignored my own changing hormones. I blew off the weight gain, hot flashes, and irritability. My headaches re-emerged with intensity and frequency.

But when my periods stopped despite the birth control pills - I knew there was a problem. I knew that after 13 years of oral contraceptive therapy, I had become estrogen dominant. I quit the pill and consulted my doctor to confirm my suspicions.

We discussed my problem and he recommended an aggressive regimen of the natural progesterone cream. Within a month, my hot flashes stopped. My headaches diminished, and I began having regular, tolerable periods on my own for the first time ever.

Natural progesterone has changed my life!

- Beth D

Story #2:  Infertility Took a Huge Toll on My Marriage

Hi Everyone, My name is Tracy and was diagnosed with PCOS about 8 years ago, I saw a fertility specialist and tried everything in the book to try to become pregnant including Glucophage, no luck.

Hubby and I gave up on hopes of having a child of our own and also ran out of funds to keep trying.

It took a huge toll on our marriage, we tried to conceive for close to 10 years.

Then I began to really take my health very seriously and went to a diet of very little sugars and carbs and more lean meats and veggies and walked and drank plenty of water. I lost 35 pounds in a year and felt great.

I also met a new ob/gyn that was very encouraging about getting pregnant and tested me to see if I was ovulating. SURPRISE!! I was. I still did get my hopes up.

I did get pregnant and had a miscarriage at 12 weeks, devastated after waiting for 13 years, then left things in God's hands and keep trying.

The very next time I ovulated I got pregnant again with 1 round of the lowest dose of Clomid and this time my doctor watched me like a hawk. The entire pregnancy was touch and go with little bumps along the way but we were finally blessed with a healthy baby boy, Joshua Aaron, 7lbs 14oz. He is almost 5 months old now and I feel that being in top physical health greatly improved my chances of conceiving and carrying him to term.

We hope for one more baby but I need time to get my body back on track since he was born I haven't really had normal cycles yet.

Best of luck to you all... Don't give up hope!

- Tracy T

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