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I would like to share my success story with you and others that may be giving up hope of ever becoming pregnant!

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I was 14 yrs old when I was first diagnosed with PCOS. I had started my periods the year before and then stopped for a year. (I thought it was normal, and therefore did not say anything to anyone). It wasn't until I started packing on the weight dramatically and was sleeping all of the time that my Mom took me to see my family Dr. who in turn referred me to a Pediatrician.

I was put in the hospital for a week and had severl different diagnostic tests done and the end results was that I had PCOS. The Gyne that I was referred to initially put me on Clomid for a 5 days to see if it would induce a period, nothing happened. He then prescribed a low-dose birth control pill for me, and stated that I wouldn't need any follow-up until I was ready to have kids.

My family doctor didn't really agree to this and then referred me to a 2nd gyne, who again stated the same thing, except also included that where the Clomid did not induce a period, that there would be a good chance that I would need fertility treatment in order to conceive. My family Dr. then decided that the gynes must know what they are talking about and followed what they said.

So I went for 13 years of being on several different birth control pills. At age 27 I was then diagnosed with a really high ESR, and was referred to an Internist and another Gyne. Who both said it was probably due to genetics as they could not find anything wrong with me.

This time the Gyne that I went to see stated that I should be having my hormone levels checked on a yearly basis and to never go off the pill until I was ready to have children, but to first consult a fertility clinic as it would be most definite that I would need assistance in getting pregnant. However, like the other 2 gynes I saw, she failed to do any follow-up. I knew at this point that it would be up to myself to figure out what was best for me.

Decided to Go Off of the Pill

So, in January of 2006, my partner & I after a lengthy conversation decided to go off the birth control pill. We thought that we would be pretty safe as all the gynes stated that the chances of me getting pregnant on my own was next to nil. We did, however, still continue to use a Spermicial Foam just in case as we were not prepared to have children at that moment. I was really shocked as for the whole 9 months I went without the pill, I still had a tiny bit of a period.

In the beginning of Sept'06, we decided to even stop using the foam and let nature take its course and whatever happens, happens.

Well, low and behold I started having pelvic pain in mid September. I went to my family Dr who again referred me to a 4th gynecologist. He thought that I may have an ovarian cyst and he said that it would be good to talk to him about the do's and don't for after we get married (June, 2007) to make it easier to conceive.

The day before I was scheduled to have my appt, I was writing up questions to ask him, and then realized that my period was 3 days late. Which is nothing new, but I didn't want any surprises, so I went and got a home preg test and shockingly the one line turned into a cross. I was estatic and all I could do was cry.

My partner and I still went to see the gyne who gave us some interesting information.... He stated.. "It only takes some women to lose 5 lbs. in order to ovulate.."... "If you stop and the pill and get a period, there is a good chance you are ovulating.. but it may not happen every month".. and last but not least.. "Having PCOS does not mean that you cannot ovulate on your own, it just makes it a bit trickier to predict ovulation!".

I'm Pregnant!...Regardless of PCOS

I am currently in my 17th week of pregnancy and both baby & I are doing fine.

The best advice I can give to those of you who may be trying…please don't stress over it… stress can cause a lot of problems… including causing you not to ovulate... just relax and let nature take its course, and read all of the information you can on PCOS. This website helped me out a lot with information.

Oh, and in case you are wondering.. yes.. we had to push back our wedding date as my due date is 6 days before I was due to walk down the isle! :')

- Alley

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