My Answer to PCOS Is to Love Myself

Hello! My name is Sandra. I am 26 years old. This is not a success story....YET!!

First, I want to congratulate all of you for taking care of yourselves and for finding the power within yourselves to rise above PCOS!! It takes a lot of courage and I am very inspired!

I have been to a few doctors who have told me that I may have polycystic ovarian syndrome. The doctors have been telling me that in order to treat my symptoms I must take birth control and meds.

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Truthfully, after an appointment with my endocrinologist, I was feeling desperate and was thinking about taking the medication but I KNOW that meds are not the answer for me.

My gut is SCREAMING at me to look at more healthier and natural approaches and to have faith.

After many tears and feelings of self-hatred and disgust, an angel led me to your website and to your beautiful stories.

Thank you for your inspiring stories that are helping me find the power within myself; not only to treat my condition of PCOS but also to treat myself better!!!

This is why I think I have been given the condition of PCOS! It is the push that I need to learn to take care of myself with proper diet, exercise, stress management, nutritional supplements, and most importantly UNCONDITIONALSELF-LOVE.

Thanks again, through your beautiful stories I have tapped into my own power.

- Sandra

Story #2: Amazing Success with Progesterone Cream

I have had amazing success with progesterone cream and a whole foods, low G.I-insulin resistance type of diet. It FIXED me after 3 years and 4 birth control pills and 4 gynecologists!

3 years ago I started bleeding all the time, feeling bloated and getting acne...and brown small patch of dry, scaly skin by my temples on my face. I also gained 20 pounds despite working out 2 hours a day!!!

For years, everyone kept putting me on pills, and after a few months, I started bleeding again.

Progesterone cream 2 weeks of the months while also being extremely disciplined about a mostly protein/vegetables/olive oil diet...and eating every 3-4 hours, small meals --


THANK you so much for your website, because even though I had read other books on natural hormone balance, this website in one of the few that addresses these solutions.

I take a supplement called GLUCONTROL before I eat...made of all the insulin-helping herbs and vitamins instead of the prescribed glucophage.  It's all natural and you should look it up online, because it is yet ANOTHER natural solution along with the progesterone that fixed me.

For the first time in 3 years, I have a strong libido, tons of energy, lean muscle mass, lost weight, clear skin, and no irregular bleeding.

Once again, thank you for having this website.  It is filled with amazing information!

- Elle

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