Solved My PCOS Problem with Help from a Naturopath

After having my period like clockwork until age 20, it stopped altogether for 2 years. My GP and my gyno told me to simply go on the pill and it would correct itself.

I decided to go off the pill after about 6 months and started to see a Naturopath. She recommended that I have an ultrasound done of my ovaries after hearing about my other symptoms (irregular periods, inability to lose weight, acne, low body temps, mild hirsutism, infertility, etc.).

Sure enough, in January I was diagnosed with PCOS.

Since then I have been eating a proper diet, exercising and taking supplements such as: I3C, Vitex, Multi-Glyco (to support the pancreas), ground flax seed and other homeopathic remedies.

Since following this routine, I have had the following successes:

  • Lost 15 pounds (and counting) 
  • Have had a regular period for a year now 
  • Have begun to ovulate 
  • No more digestion difficulties 
  • BBT has stabilized 
  • My skin has cleared up a great deal 
  • My libido has returned (yay!)

Now I have to repair my luteal phase defect and hopefully support a pregnancy one day!

Thanks so much for this wonderful treasure trove of information - it's been a huge help!

- Carolyn

Story #2:  I Had ALL the PCOS Problems...But Still Got Pregnant

I was diagnosed back in 2001 with PCOS. I had all of the signs: hair growth, cysts, weight gain (insulin resistance), testosterone, and extremely irregular periods since the age of nine.

My mother knew that something was wrong with my periods and had me on BC pills at an early age to give me cycles. It took years and switching OBs to finally get diagnosed.

This year I am 29 years old and my husband and I wanted to start trying. My OBGYN told me to go off of the pill, and Aldactone, but to stay on the metformin/Glucophage.   I am on 500 mg. 3x a day.

In addition they had me taking prenatal vitamins(for folic acid) since November.  I was to try for 3 months naturally with metformin and vitamins, then try Clomid for 3 months and then the shots etc.

Well, my last pill period started Jan.1, and I am happy to report that Jan31, I found out through home testing that I am PREGNANT!!!!

I fully expected this to take 3-6 months at the least, but either God was with us, the meds worked or my hubby has super sperm! LOL!

My first doctor visit will be on Feb. 23. I plan to continue the meds for at least the 1st trimester to prevent miscarriage.  We will see how things progress and hopefully we will have a healthy baby in October!!!

Thanks for letting me share my PCOS story!

- Deanna

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