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This page is intended for the stories of women with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) who have improved their condition primarily by using natural health-building methods, although we've included other stories as well. We hope that you will be inspired by these stories and that you will have a renewed sense of hope and commitment to improving your health.

April (D)
Michele (N)
Darlene (S)
Daniela (S)
Darcy (N)
Deitre (S)
Sara (S)
Della (S)
Shawn (D)
Latha (D)
Chrissy (S)
Neetu (S)
Wendy (D)
Kim (D)
Lynn (N)
Tracy (S)

           (N) = Emphasis on natural methods.
           (D) = Emphasis on drugs.
           (S) = Starting on the road to success.

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My story starts out with knowing something wasn't right when as a teenager I had infrequent periods. I was put on a birth control pill that apparently had the testosterone in it and that really began my weight problem...and the hair problem just got worse and worse.

Finally, when I was 24, I was given a diagnosis of PCOS (after I realized I wasn't dying) it was nice to have a name for it. My ob/gyn started me on Clomid...10 months. I went to a fertility specialist and he put me on bc pills again. Then more fertility drugs...and medications (Lupron) to shut everything was awful. The worst was having 17 eggs aspirated and hyperstimulating. Months later, I had the embryos put in...and went through the depression of not getting pregnant (again).

During the time that I saw the fertility spec, I tried acupuncture and seeing a chiropractor (which I do believe helped).

In the meantime, my 7-1/2 yr marriage failed. Oddly enough, I started a month long period the week he moved out. (Stress relief!) I also started a low fat diet and exercise program the same week. I dropped about 60 lbs and my periods became more regular over the following two years.

I met my second husband and we saw a fertility specialist right away, since I knew what I'd gone through. I felt 'funny,' and it turned out I was pregnant already, but the day I found out I miscarried (ectopic). The doctor gave me Clomid and the second month I was pregnant. I took Lysine for a few months prior to conceiving and until I found out I was pregnant. I had to take progesterone, but had a two week overdue 8.15 wonderfully healthy boy (who will be 7 next month).

My second child was supposed to be planned with the fertility specialist, but I became pregnant the second month after restarting my periods. Twenty-two months after my son, I had my daughter. AND...not intending another surprise to happen, I planned to begin birth control as soon as I had my first period (which never happened). My little Father's Day baby is 18 months younger than his sister. We use birth control now. lol.

At this point...I still have the issues with hair (laser is wonderful)...periods that are regular, but don't stop as they should, weight issues again, Acanthosis Nigricans, carb cravings, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. So...looks like trying Glucophage, better diet and exercise are my answer. Thanks for the information. Maybe my (long) story will give some of you specialist thought I'd NEVER conceive.

- April


Hello, so many of these stories sound so similar to mine. I was diagnosed with PCOS 11 years ago, at the age of 15. Since then I have dealt with irregular periods (weird cycles, bleeding for 26 days straight, etc.) and have dealt also with infertility.

I have tried for the last 5 years unsuccessfully to get pregnant. Then I decided to start a low carb diet because I wanted to lose weight before I continued trying to get pregnant. Well after 5 years of trying, within 3 months of being on a low carb diet, I got pregnant! I never even knew that a low carb diet was so essential for those of us with PCOS.

After I found out I was pregnant (5 weeks), within a few days I miscarried. I was unaware at the time that PCOS sufferers often have low progesterone which is essential to being able to carry successfully. I was never informed by my doctors that this could be the cause, nor was I ever informed that I could help myself by going on a low carb diet. I had to research and find all this out myself.

Needless to say, I am now again trying to get pregnant. I am much more informed this time, and have begun using natural progesterone cream. I just started it today, and I'm waiting to take a pregnancy test. (I felt like I'd ovulated last week for the first time in over a year!) I'm hoping that I am pregnant, but if I'm not, I'll continue trying. I'm hoping the progesterone cream will help me to avoid a miscarriage this time.

I also hope to be able to come back and post a success story soon, along with a baby photo! To the women out there who are suffering with PCOS, don't just listen to your doctor, do your own research and keep yourself informed! I missed out so many times because of my doctor's negligence to help me properly deal with my situation. I also firmly believe that if I was told about progesterone and my lack thereof, I could've successfully carried to term. My baby would now be about 6 months old.

My point: it pays to research, and to know your own body!

- Michele


Thank you so much for the information that has helped me and so many women out there.

I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2001, My doc. put me on clomid, then metformin with no success. I had Gonal-F injections with 5 rounds of Artificial insemination which was a failure too. I was tired of everything. I and my husband decided to take a break.

I did search info about PCOS through the internet, and lucky enough I was connected to this website where I read more about women who became pregnant after losing weight. I did exercise at least one three hours a week and watched what I was eating and in one month I had lost 10 lbs and there I was pregnant.

I had my baby last month, but unfortunately he died of metabolic problem ( Too much lactic acid of unknown origin) I am wondering if this was related to PCOS. Please help.

- Darlene


Hi, my name is Daniela, I am from Australia and i have suffered PCOS for 12 years. I haven't taken it whole heartedly until 2003 when they removed my left ovary because of a cystic teratoma which grew to a size of a football around my ovary.

I became angry, scared and not many people understood why including the surgical doctor as to why i felt less...I soon got over it, dealing with the fact that i still had another ovary. My periods regulated it self after the surgery, i thought i had nothing else to worry about until recently i had another ultrasound and my right ovary has lots more cysts on it and my ovary is quite enlarged.

Straightaway I thought i cannot loose this one too! I contacted my naturopath and he has put me on varies supplements to help regulate my weight, my moods, my sugar cravings and to reduce my ovary. I will be seeing him in a month's time and will let you know if there has been any success. By the way I had 2 gorgeous girls 6 - 7 years ago!

When i first got diagnosed the doctor sat me down and said "you won't be able to have children". This was even written in a report, I still have the report hoping one day I will find this doctor and say "well I had two". Such misguidance from doctors for women out there don't give up there is always alternatives, you just need will power and the right and caring people to help you, don't be afraid to ask.

- Daniela


I was diagnosed with PCOS 2 years ago (I am 36 years old), but I believe I have had it for over 15 years. My husband and I started trying to have a baby at year 8 of our marriage. After 15 months of total frustration I was FINALLY pregnant. After my daughter we decided to try again and figured it would take just as long or longer, if at all to have another child. Well, 22 months later our son was born. Thankfully I was able to get pregnant right away with him.

Now it is 4 1/2 years later. I struggle everyday with the acne, excess hair and weight issue, cramps, and depression. But when I was trying to get pregnant I read an article in a health magazine that said to try taking Wild Yam and Chasteberry every day (both at Health food stores) for infertility. I started having regular periods and ovulating. So I think they really helped!

Just thought I would pass that along to all who are "trying". It just may help. And I plan to go back on the chasteberry again to see if it helps the PCOS symptoms.

- Darcy

Editor's note: First, see our discussion of chasteberry. Secondly, there is NO progesterone in wild yam. If you are trying to boost your progesterone levels by taking supplemental progesterone, wild yam is not the way to do that.


Hi I am also waiting for a success story of my own. My story is too long to tell in detail. But in my twenties I went on a diet of no carbs and no white flour. I felt better than I had in my whole life.

I struggled to stay on it. I would crave sugar so bad. I felt like ripping my face off. Through the years I still never knew what was wrong. I just knew I was getting sicker and having health problems. Finally I had a cyst on my ovary, making me drop in pain to the floor. One thing led to another and I found out I have PCOS.

I am trying to get healthy. I have been back on that diet but now I know I have to stay on it to live for my adopted son. I also know how serious it can be if we don't take care of ourselves. I am older now and am still going to try and get pregnant before it is really to late. I am probably not going to be able to. But I have to try.

I am on Clomid I still have one pill left to take. I couldn't have sex for fifteen years because I also had endometriosis. Which I had surgery for. So It will be a miracle if I get pregnant. I will give it a go anyway. I feel like my life was in a time capsule. All those years were taken away because of stupid doctors. I saw tons and no diagnosis. Until this year.

So girls, stay away from Carbs and Sugar. We might not like how we eat but will like how we feel. Hugs and God Bless You all. I feel for all of you.

- Deitre

Editor's note: Stress plays a huge role in polycystic ovary syndrome and infertility. Moving to a foreign country is very stressful.


I am 39 years old and was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 20. I too was passed around from doctor to doctor, and was made to feel like I had no hope.

I don't have a success story. But I have hope. I was diagnosed with PCOS in April 2003. At the time, the doctor said that it might be "a little difficult" to get pregnant. I had no idea what effect PCOS had on my body so we decided just to keep trying without medical assistance. In December 2003, we got pregnant. But, I had a miscarriage a few days later. Again, still being naive, we tried again on our own.

In August 2004, we started on Clomid. I did that for three months. Didn't work. I had my first appointment with a reproductive health specialist. She looked at my records and said that she knew what was wrong with me. I had a hystersylpingogram to make sure my tubes were clear. (Not a pleasant experience). After they got my bloodwork back they put me on Glucophage 500 3x a day. I lost 12 pounds in two weeks. She also told me that the Clomid was bad because it makes the cervix a hostile environment by closing it up making it difficult for the sperm toget through. We have gone through 3 rounds of artificial insemination. They haven't worked because my estrogen doesn't get very high.

This month we are stepping it up a notch which will increase the chance for multiples. We will cross that road when we get there. I have found PCOS difficult to deal with. I love food. To think that my life depends on eating food I don't love has been a downer. But, I so want to be a mother. What is the use of trying to be a mother if you aren't going to stay healthy enough to be around and watch them grow up? That is my motivation. Good luck to everyone in their PCOS endeavors.

- Sara

Editor's note: When taking Glucophage (metformin), we recommend you also take supplemental calcium and B vitamins. Go here to see details about Glucophage (metformin).


I was diagnosed with PCOS by my family physician (which is also my boss) in 1999 at 24 years old.

After seeing my Gyn. and having him ignore my symptoms or never addressing the problems of my infertility, obesity and severe facial hair for more then 5 years of trying for a baby. I tried clomid for months with no luck other then severe mood swings.

My family physician suggested Glucophage, it caused major GI problems. After going on a strict diet and exercise program, I lost 98 lbs getting down to 208 lbs. You guessed it! I have a beautiful 5 year old son now. I still have a battle with my weight and always will but at least I know I can do it if I put my mind to it.

- Della


Hello everyone my name is Shawna. When I was 17 I began having irregular periods and was put on birth control to regulate me. I then was sent to a specialist who told me I had PCOS. He put me on Glucophage and synthroid. This cleared up my problem but at the age of 19 I lost my insurance and was unable to afford all of my medications. It wasn't until I was 20 that I could continue my medications because I had got married and my husband had insurance on me.

We decided that we wanted to conceive but I knew it would be impossible without help. But we tried for four months but no luck. I then went to a doctor who told me everything I already knew. Which was I had PCOS, so my new doctor put me on Avandia rather than Glucophage which she said worked around the same way. I also was put back on synthroid and was put on Precare conceive tab. Within a month I was back have regular periods and I determined my most fertile days which will be March 18-23. I plan to try and conceive my very first baby. I go back to the doctor at the end of this month March 2005 to see if I am pregnant (wish me luck). If I am not they want to start me on clomid which I am a little worried about, but I will try anything that will help me to become pregnant. I hope to write you all back soon to inform you that I have become pregnant.

- Shawna


I was diagnosed with early stage PCOS and I weigh 76kg and my height is 168cm. One year back, suddenly I started increasing in weight though I controlled sweets, ice creams, chocolates...etc., even I was working 2 hours a day to reduce. It was a so difficult in reducing my weight and fortunately weight increase has come to a stop.

Recently, I have been prescribed with Metformin. I started with metformin with so much doubts. Though I convinced with success stories of Metformin, I was doubting whether I would be the unluckiest women who were using metformin.

I am on metformin for the past 2 weeks and I have reduced 3 kgs. I have lost my appetite and lost interest in eating. I am just forcing myself to eat just to accompany metformin. I am on metformin 850mg 3 times a day.

Hope reduction in my weight will clear my PCOS. What all I can do for you ladies is I can pray for you all.


- Latha

Editor's note: See our discussion of Glucophage.


Please help with suggestions for hair re-growth or to stop thinning hair from continuing!

I do not have a success story just yet but I hope to in the near future. I am 34 years old and am still in the process of trying to rule in a definitive diagnosis of PCOS. After reading A MASSIVE amount of literature on PCOS, I have found this website to be most helpful. I have complained of heavy painful periods for years, adult acne since about 24 years old and hypoglycemic episodes. None of the physician's that I have seen in the past (numerous dermatologists and two OB/GYNs) were able to relate or validated my symptoms to being hormonal in nature. I finally stumbled upon a dermatologist who was able to piece my symptoms together and label it as PCOS.

I do not have any difficulties with weight, actually I'm very slender and lean with good muscularity, but I have always exercised 7 days a week at a very competitive level. My biggest concern is that my hair is now dry, brittle and thinning because I have a high testosterone level (60). Also, my husband and I have been trying to conceive for about one year. My dermatologist (an Angel) put me on Diane-35 (birth control), minocycline and Retin-A. I noticed that my symptoms improved with Diane-35 and minocycline (I only used Retin-A 3 times and stopped- way too drying on the skin). But, now I am seeing an endocrinologist and I have to come off Diane-35 and have blood work done to rule in PCOS. My symptoms are again reappearing only after 1-1/2 months off Diane-35.

After reading this website, I now realize that coming off birth control and changing my diet is most important. Despite having a so called "healthy diet," I have to change my eating habits to more protein, more soy, less bleached carbs and less sugar. I enjoy carbs, caffeine and sweets (esp. chocolate) and eat little protein.

I have increased my flax seed oil and soy intake. I also take biotin, gelatin capsules and brewer's yeast. Any suggestions for hair regrowth would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all for sharing your stories and success. I hope that all of us can help each other to gain control over PCOS and live healthy and happy lives.

- Chrissy

Editor's note: See our discussion of hair loss for some basic information about the problem of hair loss. If you have too much hair, see our discussion of hirsutism.


I have been so depressed ever since I discovered that I had PCOS. Luckily, I haven't put on so much weight. I am still struggling with a lot of facial hair growth and hair thinning on my head. But after reading all these success stories I am pretty positive that things will happen for me. I wasn't aware that there were so many options available. I am so happy and excited! I am positive that very soon I will be writing my success story on this site :)

- Neetu


I'm a success story, but not necessarily the kind that is generally talked about here. I was diagnosed with PCOS 11 years ago after having seen at least 6 different doctors. I began taking Metformin in February 2002. My husband and I went on vacation in July that year and I dragged my fertility monitors with me. This was our "last ditch effort" because I swore that if I wasn't pregnant by the time I turned 35 I was giving up. I turned 35 in February 2004 (one year after starting the Metformin) and on St. Patty's Day I found out I was pregnant. What a surprise - we really had given up.

I've never been as happy as I was that day and I'll never be that naive again. My happiness quickly changed as I discovered the cruel fact that women with PCOS have a higher miscarriage rate. I was one of them. Within a couple months I was pregnant again and then I miscarried again despite proper medications, diet and rest. My husband and I had decided that we would wait 6 months before we tried again (so much for quitting at 35 - I was just getting started). But we needed time for me to heal physically and for us to heal mentally.

Our 6 month wait was just about up, when the week before Christmas 2004 my 30 y/o husband was diagnosed with testicular cancer and had to have a testicle removed. Radiation therapy started right after the New Year. There's nothing like cancer to put what's important into perspective!! Suddenly being an infertile couple was not so important as we fought the ultimate battle for life.

It's March and my husband's fine now. His treatments have ended and while we know his sperm is destroyed from the radiation we still have hope (we "banked"). I'm back on the Metformin even though my cycles have been regular without it for 7 months despite the stress, I'm having my hormone levels tested and after a relaxing vacation in July I'm going to take Clomid to ensure better egg quality and we're going for the intrauterine insemination.

It breaks my heart to hear stories about how marriages fail because of hard times. Looking back on all that's happened to my husband and I in the past 2 years (2 deaths from cancer in our immediate family, taking care of those 2 loved ones at home as they died, having 2 miscarriages, hubby's battle with cancer and watching my beloved grandmother deteriorate from Alzheimer's) I realize how much we've learned and grown as a couple. We never take each other for granted and we are so close that it's hard to tell us apart (of course I have PCOS, so my facial hair may have something to do with that - hehehe).

But seriously, my husband told me a few days ago that the most important words he's ever heard in his life were in a country song...."Live like you are dying" and we do. ENJOY LIFE!

- Wendy


Hello Ladies, I'm 29 and have been trying to conceive for a little over a year. I was diagnosed at 19. Back then I wasn't interested in getting pregnant nor was there information on PCOS. I tried Clomid and Follistim, ovulated, had perfect cycles, still no baby. I give you credit for your strength and courage when there is no hope left. I'm awaiting the PCOS Diet book to get started. So thank you for your success stories, it gives me hope. To everyone else, good luck. Happy baby making!!!

- Kim


Hello everyone! I truly do not have a success story yet BUT I am working on one. I am 35 years of age. I have one daughter, 5 years of age. I have been trying for three years unsuccessfully to have another child. I was diagnosed with pcos in October of '04. I also had surgery to remove a moderate case of endometriosis in Oct. 04. A month after the surgery my Fertility Specialist started me on clomid. I've taken it for three months with no success. I am not going to take clomid anymore. I have decided to lose weight. I have been exercising for over a month now. Riding my bike at least three miles a day and incorporating an Excercise work out tape into my routine, 20 minutes per day. I take a highly recommended women's vitamin and I stick to a low carb diet that will help take my weight off , hopefully 20 pounds, and I hope and pray that I will one day SOON "OVULATE." ALSO, I have also began taking supplemental vitamin D and zinc since it seems to help with ovulation.

- Lynn


Hi. At age 15 I had heavy and irregular periods, I had an ultrasound done and diagnosed with PCOS. At that point I didn't even know what that was and didn't think about it until now. I was put on the pill to help regulate my periods. I'm now 25 and recently got married so I stopped taking the pill and I have not had a period in 4 months. At 15 I was told that the cyst would just go away but I have read that the pill just regulates PCOS and not cure it. I recently visited my doctor and had my hormone levels checked. They were normal but my sugar was low. My doctor said I was hypoglycemic.

My husband and I have decided to start our family now and not wait as we had planned. Reading these stories has been helpful and hopeful! I am taking vitex right now and folic acid. I have also started a weight loss program at my gym and hoping all of this will come together!

- Tracy

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