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This page is intended for more of the stories of women with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) who have improved their condition by using natural health-building methods. We hope that you will be inspired by these stories and that you will have a renewed sense of hope and commitment to improving your health.

Miriam (D)
Sally (N)
Sara (D)
Theresa (D)
Wendy (D)
Sherry (D)
Veronique (N)
Sarah (N)
Trisha (N)
Tiffany (D)
Tina (N)
Sara P (N)
Tricia (S)
Ana (N)
Debbie (N)
Darcie (S)
Anonymous (N)
Ciara (D)
Rene (N)
Claire (N)

           (N) = Emphasis on natural methods.
           (D) = Emphasis on drugs.
           (S) = Starting on the road to success.

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Hi my name is Miriam and i'm 21, i first started my periods when i was 8 years old. As soon as i got into my teens i began to very slowly put on weight, get really bad acne, irregular periods, and pretty much everything else associated with pcos.

I constantly visited my GP, trying to find out why i was having these symptoms and was told that they must have been due to a bad diet, and so was sent to see a dietician, after months of visiting the dietician, i was told i could no longer return as i wasn't losing any weight and was wasting their time!!!

I returned to my GP and had all sorts of tests done (diabetes, thyroids etc) but everything came back negative and by the time i reached 15 my weight very quickly shot up and doubled. My GP eventually sent me to a gyn where they discovered that i had PCOS.

I was first put on the pill dianette and now trinordiol to control my periods and bad acne, which they did, as well as metformin, however was unable to lose any weight so was told to come off the metformin. Apart from a few other symptoms such as thinning hair on my head and mood swings, my biggest battle is with my weight. Although i am in a relationship with someone who i do want to have a family with one day, I won't be facing that for another few years.

Although i know which areas of my diet could be improved and actually used to really love exercise such as swimming, i simply lack motivation and end up having days where i feel really depressed. I have tried a few diets, most recently weight watchers which i actually lost 17lbs on in 3 weeks, however i found myself getting depressed that even though the scales were saying i had lost weight, my body showed no change at all, and so gave up.

I'm desperate to like the way i look and feel healthy, and know that if i can lose my weight that when i do decide to start a family i might not have so many problems.

This website is fantastic and has been more helpful for me than any doctor has been, and i'm hoping that the success stories on here might be the motivation i need to get me losing my weight!

- Miriam


I have had the problem of irregular periods since the time of my puberty. My mother initially told me it would fall in place after at least one year. But nothing happened, I continued to have no periods or few in a year. Over the years I put on immense weight and the conditions after my marriage was worse as i was not getting pregnant. I was now told that i have pcos which put me into serious threat.

Since than I started to take control over my unhealthy eating habits and took up gym. I am realizing that losing weight can be helpful with pcos.

We hope very soon my periods will return and I will be pregnant, Please pray for me.

Thanks for this website which has given me inner strength to go on.

- Sally


I am 25 years old and I was diagnosed with PCOS 2 years ago. I started having problems with weight gain when I was 19 years old. I also had trouble with excess hair growth.

I was married when I was 20 and we decided to start trying for a baby immediately. I had a miscarriage right off the bat. In a period of four and a half years I had nine miscarriages.

My after three and a half years of trying I finally found a doctor who was able to diagnose me with PCOS. He put me on Metformin and told me to watch the types of carbs I was eating immeadiately. I lost 35 pounds in the next 8 or 9 months or so and had one miscarriage after I start taking the metformin.

A year after starting the metformin and about 4 months after going up to 2000 mg I conceived my daughter and they immediately put me on progesterone to help me carry the pregnancy. I had a rough pregnancy with many complications but I had my daughter three weeks before my due date and she is almost 4 months old. She is our little miracle. I do think that eating a better diet and being on the met and progesterone were the best things I could do!

- Sara


I have had PCOS for years although not diagnosed until 25. My husband and I have been married for fifteen years, and after many miscarriages we were able to get pregnant through IVF. Unfortunately, our baby died after 15 days of life. We were devastated but did not give up hope. I was referred to a endocrinologist who put me on Glucophage, Spironolactone and the Yasmin birth control pill. We started another IVF cycle and became pregnant with our daughter who is now five years old. I cut out sugar, a lot of carbs, and started eating more vegetables I also began exercising five days a week for thirty minutes. Quite unexpectantly I found out I was pregnant.

I GOT PREGNANT ON MY OWN.!!!!!!! My daughter is now 6 months old and she is crying as I write this letter.

All of you out there please do not give up hope if it could happen for me then it could happen for you.

- Theresa


Hello ladies, I am 40 yrs old now. My diagnosis came at age 22, over 18 yrs ago. After seeing countless doctors who just wanted to give me birth control pills, I eventually found the right one who diagnosed me.

At that time (1987) my options were (1) birth control to prevent pregnancy (2) progesterone / provera or (3) fertility treatments. We decided to wait awhile, well by age 29 we decided to go back for the fertility treatments. I did daily injection of metroden (not sure of spelling). Though other doctors in the practice kept trying to put me on other things, my endocrinologist was adamant that I stay on it, in just a few months I was pregnant. I continued with progesterone injections through the first 16 wks of pregnancy.

My beautiful, healthy son is now 10 yrs old. This is a success story, but the challenges of PCOS do not start and stop with the fertility problem. I managed my weight and symptoms primarily with daily exercise religiously until I was injured in a car accident a couple of years ago. Problems with my back, left leg and sciatic pain have prevented any real exercise program and the weight has been steadily increasing, thus the symptoms are getting worse.

I am looking for other ways to manage them and appreciate suggestions. Also, wondering if any of you have been checked or are dealing with very high levels of cholesterol - which is also linked to PCOS? Even 10 yrs ago when I was younger and thinner, my overall cholesterol was over 300. It has exceeded 400 at times and I was put on Tricor, which resulted in a case of 'acute rhabdomyolisis', a break down of muscle in the body that cause kidney failure. I spent 5 days in the hospital. After 1 yr, my doctor has now put me on Crestor because there appears no other way to keep it under control. I am being monitored very closely for ill-effects.

- Wendy


Hello My Name is Sherry, I've had numerous problems with my periods and I had diabetes and had got better with medication and diet for it. My husband and I are married for almost 8 years. before we married

I was losing weight and almost at ideal weight and then we married two weeks after we conceived but didn't know it until I was 12 weeks and in January of 1998 the night of lamaze classes we miscarried after that I put on weight couldn't lose it.

I was never diagnosed I told everything was normal then November 2001 I had diagnosed with diabetes but was never really told or suggested I might have PCOS. I've been diagnosed with fibroids by gyn. 2000 - 2005 All have been removed along with several cysts. was put on lupron to shrink the big one I had 11 cm. My gyn nurses suggested by looking at by blood tests and charts I could have PCOS. They want to put me on Provera.

I want to try to have a baby soon So I'm thinking if I lose my weight somehow like I had in 1996- 1997 I was In Weight Watchers

Reading your stories have given me hope. I'm 34 years old. I hope I'll have success soon. Thanks.

- Sherry


Hi, I'm Veronique and I have struggled with PCOS since my teens. I lived with it for many years without knowing what I had. Without birth control I did not mentruate and I suffer from hirsutism.

On many occasions in my early twenties I would ask my doctor why I had these symptoms and he didn't offer any suggestions or try to help me solve the problems. I was borderline depressed at this point, suffering from both hyperthyroidism then going hypothyroid.

Finally at about 25 yrs of age someone suggested that I might have PCOS. I got tested through a different doctor and VOILA! I did some research and noted that when the time came to conceive, I might have problems. Well, I'm 30 now and I have a beautiful baby girl named Gabrielle who's 7 mths old.

When the time did come to conceive I was in excellent physical shape having read that staying in shape and working out regularly and maybe even intensely can work in your favor.

Also, after having read a few articles on this website, I starting taking saw palmetto and cod liver oil a few months before attempting to get pregnant. I had a regular period for 3 months and then I became pregnant.

One mistake that I did make during pregnancy was to indulge with sugar a little too much. My baby weighed in at 9lbs 10oz. Just a little note to you women out there. Make sure to stay away from sugar or to keep it at a minimum because we might be a little more prone to gestational diabetes. I cured my near diagnosis by cutting sugar for the second half of pregnancy but I still had a beautiful, big, healthy girl.

Thanks for all the information you provide and great to hear from all the other women!

- Veronique


My name is Sarah I am 26 yrs. This is not a success story yet, I was diagnosed with pcos july 2005 I have had irregular cycles now for 5 1/2 years. We just got married in August after 8 1/2 years.

I have chin hair as well and I am about 30 to 35 lbs over weight. I'm five foot three and 145 lbs.

We joined a gym and we are starting to go 3 times a week and cut back our sugars and carbs. It is hard cutting carbs considering I also have acid reflux. So with time and better eating and working out, will come that baby we have been wanting.

We did experience a loss at 9 weeks pregnant in 2000. We hope to not go through that again. I will be talking to my Dr. about temporarily taking glucophage XR until baby number one is born. From what i've read all those drugs can cause harm to your body. So if you control your eating and exercise, you should be healthy.

I wish all of you luck! and be strong.

- Sarah


I am in the middle of my success story. I have faith that I will get pregnant soon.

My history is that I wasn't diagnosed with PCOS for several years after I married. I think it was overlooked because my levels are all within normal range and I am within the normal weight range. I have had irregular/missed periods from the age of 12. I didn't "develop" until I was in high school. My OB/GYN didn't seem concerned.

I married at age 21 knowing I would have problems conceiving because of missed periods and a sister having problems. (I have 3 sisters. All of them are overweight. Only one was married and she only was able to get pregnant on Clomid with her first child (after a miscarriage). So I figured since she had problems I was probably going to have problems too.) I was not diagnosed until after several rounds of Clomid and changing Doctors.

The first Doctor put me on Clomid at 50mg and increased after a few months of that not working. I got pregnant after going on Clomid at 100mg but miscarried at 9 weeks. After that Clomid didn't work anymore and I had gained about 10 pounds when I was pregnant but was still within normal range.

I changed Dr.'s after clomid didn't work for a few more months. The next Dr. started me at 100mg. increasing to 200mg (I don't recommend taking that much even if your dr. suggests it). I was really disappointed because I felt pregnancy symptoms but they were side effects from the Clomid at such a high dose.

I then went to a specialist who gave Clomid plus shots. Each month upping the dose just a little bit. Nothing was working. We were doing Fertility for over 2 years at that point. I was really frustrated.

We were having problems with our marriage from the stress, the hormones effecting me emotionally, as well as maxing out credit cards after not having any more funds to do the treatments.

We decided to take a break from fertility treatments. It was a good decision. We focused on our marriage and I did research on PCOS. I found out that Metformin was being used on women that were not overweight and were not having some of the other problematic symptoms of PCOS. I went on Metformin for a few months and I was exercising and seemed to have periods more frequently but not regularly. I stopped taking it for a while but went back on it about 28 weeks ago. My periods are still irregular but I wasn't changing my diet or exercising.

I thought back to the time that I did get pregnant trying to figure out what I was doing different and I remember that I was exercising several times a week and I was dieting, so I made a decision to change my diet and exercise. (Also, my sister who got pregnant on Clomid with her first child has had 3 other children without any assistance.) She gets pregnant every time she loses weight through diet and exercise. She also gets gestational diabetes so I really think she has PCOS, although it is not diagnosed.

Right now I am taking Metformin and trying to eat healthy and exercise. Metformin wasn't working at 500mg 3X's daily but I wasn't exercising. Reading articles it seems diet and exercise are key to helping Metformin do its job. My OB/GYN says I can start Clomid whenever I want. I think I will wait for one more month since I just recently started dieting and exercising. I've also read that taking Metformin while you are pregnant helps your chances of not miscarrying.

Good luck with all of you. I know it is hard. I have been wanting to have a baby for 5 years. So I understand what a lot of you are going through. It seems with PCOS different treatments work for different people. There isn't a specific treatment that works for all of us but diet and exercise worked for my sister so I am going to go that route. Hopefully I will have good news soon.

- Trisha


Hi, I am 24 yrs old I have a 6 yr old daughter. After giving birth to my daughter I only had one period for a whole year. After bleeding on that one period for over 2 weeks I went to the doctor to get checked out, it was not stopping. She pulled me in for some tests after finally stopping and she noticed I had a cyst on my ovary. The lady in the room looked at me and said its amazing you even got pregnant at all!

I was devastated at the fact she would have said something like that. I finally got on medication Metformin 500mg 3x daily. I took the medication on and off more off than on I think, I am not a pill taker at all! I ended up getting my periods back after the first month of taking the medication.

I eased my way off of the meds myself went on a low carb diet and lost 25 pds. After losing the weight I never again took my pills and got a period every month and still having them. I went into the doctor for blood work (routine) and apparently tested for everything and all my blood work came back PERFECT! What I mean is that all my man hormones (testosterone) and glucose levels everything that had messed me up before was PERFECT!

My body fixed itself. So I guess I do not have a pregnancy success story right now not that I have been trying really hard but my success story is knowing that your body can get better from this pcos thing!

I don't think it was the meds myself I think it was the weight loss. Whatever it was it worked I am on no meds I get regular periods and have changed nothing else in my life to make this get better.

So girls out there with pcos try to drop a little weight if you need to I think it kicks your body back into shape again! And believe you me I am still way over weight but that little bit helped! Now its just trying to find time to make babies and I am almost positive my body will work for me this time! GOOD LUCK TO EVERYBODY!

- Tiffany


Hi, my name is Tina and I am 39 years old. I was diagnosed with PCOS at least 15 years ago. My husband and I tried to have a baby for years. We went through many infertility treatments to no avail.

I was never overweight before, but as I grew older I steadily gained. We decided to adopt a baby boy when we were 30 and ceased all infertility treatments.

In 1999, I came across a PCOS website and discovered the low-carb diet. I changed my eating habits and completely eliminated all refined sugars and white flour. I ate more vegetables and whole grains. I also drank a lot of water. I ended up losing 20 pounds and began having regular periods. Up till then I only had 2 periods a year.

By the end of 1999, I was pregnant and delivered a healthy baby girl in Sept.2000. When she was 13 months old I conceived again and delivered another baby girl in July 2002. This brought our baby count to 3. Unbelievably 13 months later we were pregnant yet again. I delivered my last baby girl in June 2004 at the age of 38.

Each time I conceived I was back to pre-pregnancy weight and eating no white flour or refined sugars. Remarkably, I had to get my tubes cut and tied after all those years of infertility. Four blessed children is enough. I just want to inspire others because it was a long road filled with heartache. In the end our prayers were answered. There is hope for everyone!

- Tina

Sara P

My name is Sara and I am 26 years old. I was married in 1998 and wanted to have a baby really, really bad.

My husband had already been married and had a child that was 2. Since I felt that we had already lost that time we could have spent together alone, I felt that I just wanted to start trying right away.

After a few years of trying we gave up hope. We had no insurance and couldn’t just go to the doctor to receive help or find out what was wrong. After a few years my husband and I moved to be closer to my parents and to help them with there church. My husband than got a great job that offered insurance and we were on our way to finding out why I hadn't gotten pregnant.

After six months of tests and ultrasounds we found out that I had PCOS. What is this I thought and how come I had to get it? It was hard finding out that I was going to have a hard to no chance at getting pregnant.

After many years had gone by, much of which I would cry my self to sleep because I wanted a child so bad. I would see others friends, sisters and co-workers pregnant and I wasn’t able, why I would often ask the Lord why. Finally after 71/2 years and many tears shed, my husband and I gave it over to the Lord.

We decided that if I hadn't gotten pregnant at 30 than we would adopt. We had prayed and prayed and felt that we would just enjoy our lives and become closer together in our marriage. We than moved to a different city and got more involved with our church and the families there many of which had 6 or more children in each family. We decided to just enjoy each of the children as our own and show our son a lot of attention.

After going to the church for awhile they decided to start a weight class for woman who were overweight and needed some extra help and support. I decided to join, it was sort of the same lines as weight watchers (counting you calories). After going to this class for 6 months or less I lost 25lbs, wow after this I was so overjoyed that I was losing every week and maintaining my diet habits.

It felt great I felt healthy I was having a normal menstrual cycle every month and my acne was finally under control. It was amazing to see a transformation of me for a change.

Than in June of this year I was late again on my period oh no I thought could my body be getting used to my diet and converting back, so I decided to take a pregnancy test. Oh my goodness it was positive, we couldn't believe it what a miracle. We cried and cried and were so ecstatic.

Now it took getting through the hard part -- making it to 13 weeks or more which is normally were PCOS woman lose there babies. Well at six weeks we were in the emergency room, I was bleeding and very scared they took an ultrasound and the baby was fine its heart was beating normal and it was the perfect size for how far along I was. They did however find a hematosis (blood clot) in my placenta which they said was normal for pregnant woman, they said that this caused me to bleed a little. We went home after that and were very relieved the Lord was with us and the baby. We are now 24 weeks along and can't wait to see him (yep a boy). He is due January 31 and it is going to be amazing. I hope that this story has brought some kind of encouragement to you and how you are feeling. I know the pain you are feeling very well. I will pray for you and your efforts. Good luck in your journey. - Sara P


Hello, my name is Tricia. When I got married to my husband of 6 years, I was put on birth control. Two years later I stopped taking it (in hopes of becoming pregnant) and that's when I also stopped having a period. I didn't have one for two years.

I went to four different doctors before being told that I had pcos (that was back in Janurary of 2001). I thought my life was over. I then was put on metformin. I have been on it for the past four years now with little to no success.

I have decided that a more natural approch might be needed. I hate taking medication everyday (that's another reason I stopped taking the birth control) and I don't want to be dependent on pills the rest of my life either.

Your success stories have helped me more than you will ever know. It's great to know that there are others out there in the world with an understanding of what I am going through. Thanks again for you support.

- Tricia


I was diagnosed with PCOS at the age of 21 (1994) after years of wondering why I had excess body and facial hair, oily skin and irregular periods.

The first Dr. prescribed the pill and an androgen drug which I took for 7 months. The drugs made me depressed and when I asked the Dr. how long I would need to continue. His reply was "I have patients who have been on the drugs for 10 years and are happy with the results". I said WHAT!

My instinct told something was not right and I immediately went off the drugs. My periods never returned for a year and I gained 15 kilos. This made me even more depressed.

I then went for a second opinion and the second Dr. was even worse than the first. After listening to my story he prescribed a different type of drug and my response was 'aren't you listening to me, I do not want to take drugs'. He so coldly told me that if I did not take the drugs my condition would get worse MUCH WORSE. I stormed out of the surgery angry with the medical profession and decided to do my own research.

My periods came back a couple of months after visiting the second Dr. in 1995. I then went on a healthy high-fiber diet (cereals, beans, salads, meat, fish). I walked and exercised 4 times a week. I reduced my food intake and sugary foods. I cut out chicken as it is injected with male hormones. I especially cut out CAFFEINE and sugary drinks. I have read CAFFEINE is not good for woman with PCOS and I do believe that.

Guess what? I lost 15 kilos in 3 months, my hair improved, my skin improved. I felt healthier. Unfortunately my hirsutism did not go away but the hair growth did reduce, is thinner and is now manageable. I found that laser treatment is successful in treating facial hair problems.

I am in my early 30s now and I am 5 months pregnant after only a year of trying without any medical intervention or drugs. That is quite good considering it takes some couples years and I am in my 30s.

So ladies don't give up. I was originally diagnosed with a mild to severe form of PCOS. My testosterone levels were higher than the average male (that's right, MALE). I TRULY BELIEVE that PCOS can be cured or managed with a healthy diet, exercise and NO PRESCRIPTION DRUGS. I am a living example.

I am looking forward to having more children.

- Ana


Finally I can add my success story to this web site. I hope my story will give all of you that are trying to fall pregnant, and nothing seems to work, some hope.

We have been trying to get pregnant with our second child for 3 1/2 years. When we first started trying I managed to fall pregnant very quickly but, had a miscarriage. After my miscarriage and 2 gynaes later, gynae 3 found that i had mild PCOS and put me on Glucophage and we tried a run of clomid. At the end of the first cycle with clomid I got a large cyst which had to be removed.

When I had my laparoscopy, to remove the cyst, my gynae discovered that my uterus was completely filled with polyps and both my tubes where blocked. Treatment solved the problem of the polyps and we where ready to start trying again. After trying 3 x IUI which resulted in nothing but more cysts we decided we where going to give it a break and be happy with the one child we had. (I stopped taking the glucophage and all other medication). When I had my last cyst removed my gynae had told me my one tube was very damaged by endometriosis and was blocked.

I decided I had tried everything except losing weight so let me give that one final try and the worst that could happen was I could be slim and trim. This is the routine I followed and the supplementation I took.

Agnus Castus 2 x 350mg 1 x day every morning
Chromium Picolinate 1 x 200ug 3 x day after meals

Exercise program:
Tuesday: Cardio training 1 hour
Wednesday: Cardio training 20 mins super circuit (weights and cardio) 20 mins Different Cardio 20 mins
Friday: Cardio training 1 hour
Saturday: Cardio training 10 mins Weights training 50 mins

Avoid as many whites as possible - eat whole grain rather. Try cut out bread and eat substites. Eat low GI foods.

Don't get despondent when nothing seems to happen, make sure you take your measurements as well as your weight, because you don't always lose the weight to start. I had quite a change in my monthly cycle they reduced in length and went to 21 day, 23 days and 22 days for 3 months but, I kept to my routine and to my surprise this month I have discovered that I am PREGNANT, and we are absolutely overjoyed.

Don't give up hope, when the time is right it will happen. Try not to focus on getting pregnant as much as losing weight and you could also get an unexpected surprise, and the worst that can happen is you'll need a new wardrobe. Good Luck.

- Debbie


I do not have a success story yet, but am remaining optimistic. It is fantastic to have a forum like these where so many positive experiences are shared.

I was officially diagnosed with PCOS about a year and a half ago when my husband and I began to try for a family, prior to that I was passed around from one doctor to another who were all unable to explain my lack of menses.

When I inquired about the possibility of having PCOS it was dismissed becuase I don't have any obvious symtoms (not overweight, not insulin resistant, no pronounced hirituism, etc...). Once they did diagnose PCOS (via ultrasound) I was put on chlomid and reacted poorly. I have now undergone 3 cycles with injectibles that have enabled me to ovulate but still no preganacy.

I'm thinking about exploring a more homeopathic approach but I have a difficult time finding information on lean PCOS. If anyone knows any good resources or has a similar experience, please post it.

- Darcie


I just wanted to thank you for all your research, newsletters and e-book. I suffered from PCOS for over 10 years, with symptoms including excessive rapid weight gain, excessive hirsutism, depression and no periods. I eventually reached a weight of 89 kgs (even though I didn't eat a lot). Sadly, many doctors don't seem to be very well informed about PCOS. When I was initially diagnosed, I was told that the only thing I could do is take the pill to induce my period.

Anyway, after reading your newsletters, I decided to adopt a "life-style" based approach to managing my condition. I'm delighted to report that after 18 months of adhering to a consistent exercise regime (both cardio and weight training) and a sensible low GI diet, I have now lost over 26kgs. I have also experienced a significant reduction in body hair and my periods have completely returned to normal. Many people no longer recognise me - I look so healthy!!

I can't begin to tell you how good it is to feel "normal" again and can't thank you enough for all the information you have provided. Learning about my condition has not only saved my life, it has made it worth living again. At age 35, I am now a keen mountain biker and loving every second! Thanks again.

- Anonymous


I would just like to tell you a 'success story' that may give other women hope. Here goes.

I have not had a natural period since 1996 when I was 21. After 8 years on Diannette, I came off and my periods hadn't returned even after a year. I already knew I had PCOS as I had ultrasound in 1996. In 2004 I had blood tests and trans vaginal ultrasound, the results were predictable - elevated androgens, testosterone, LH and hormones were all over the place.

My gynecologist put me on Glucophage/Metformin and despite months of this, no period and blood tests showed very little improvement. In the meantime I had self medicated with various herbs such as agnus castus, saw palmetto but again, no periods and symptoms were all there. My gynecologist then gave me provera to bring on a period and put me on 5mg of Clomid from day 3 to day 8 of my cycle. I got a period, not a natural one but nevertheless a period which I was grateful for! Then I tried the Clomid and blood tests revealed I had ovulated!!

There was hope at least even if I hadn't conceived. Several Clomid cycles followed, I think 8 or 9 in total, but I didn't conceive. I came off Clomid, my gynecologist said my periods might return but no such thing happened even after 3 months.

I had more blood tests which showed I had hypothyroidism as well as PCOS. At this stage I was despairing of ever being 'normal' or becoming a mother. Still no sign of a period and when my breasts began to ache I took a pregnancy test. You guessed it, I was pregnant! Now I am 37 weeks pregnant and it was completely natural.

Somewhere along the line, my hormones had decided to regulate themselves. So please tell other women out there that there is hope!

- Ciara


Just want you to know: I have PCOS for years and I am 43. Miracle happened!!!

I have done the infertility txs. I had four miscarriages.

Last summer I had my back worked on and during the second week with ten txs, I ovulated for the first time in three years without fertility meds. I have been ovulating every month almost exactly on the same date. For the first time, cramps are very minimal and bleeding is for five days at the most. Due to our age, we decided not to try to get pregnant. It has been 14 months and I am still ovulating monthly.

This is the first time ever in my life with prediction and no prolong bleeding. I have lost weight years ago about thirty pounds and not once did I ovulate. I have not lost significant weight but I do try to eat right and exercise on a regular basis. Before I had my back worked on, I had all my hormone levels tested and it was all normal. I consider this a miracle.

The chiropractor named all my female problems just by discussing how pinched nerves affects the reproductive system. I wish I knew all of this before all the time, energy and heartaches of infertility. (Also, I had Metformin at high dosages and did not ovulate without the help of Clomid. On the last medical intervention, I had very high dosages of Clomid for a week with Metformin. I did ovulate but did not get pregnant.) Thank You

- Rene


I was diagnosed with PCOS after not ever having periods and suffering from severe pains. I have always struggled with my weight even watching what I ate and exercising.

After changing GP's many times I was finally diagnosed with thyroid problems and PCOS to which there answer was to just go onto the pill which had devastating side effects for me.

I researched my problems and found an excellent GP who believes also in natural therapies, she referred me for a hair analyses which had interesting results.

Her recommendation to me was to start on vitamins such as magnesium, calcium and oxichel which is a multi vitamin. She also recommended to me a diet called the Cohens lifestyle program which has a website called she guaranteed that I would lose 10kg in the first month even with my problems. I started the program weighing 80kg and have successfully lost 22kg in 12 weeks which is amazing as I have tried everything in the past I am now a slim 57kg and 164cm high and feeling a million dollars for the past three months I have had a regular period and am looking forward to a healthy future.


- Claire

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