Antioxidants Super-Important for Controlling PCOS - Tomato Juice An Option

Antioxidants are needed to neutralize a problem called "oxidant stress". Oxidant stress is when your "metabolic fires" are burning in a poorly regulated manner.

It's like when you're sitting in front of a fire and a spark or small hot coal pops out and burns a hole in your clothes or your carpet. But if you put a fire screen in front of the fire, you can prevent this damage.

A similar process is going on inside your body. You need to have a fire screen in your body to regulate metabolic processes and prevent damage to your tissues. If your fire screen is in poor shape, inflammation and hormone dysfunction will be the result. You'll want to avoid this.

A critical part of your internal fire screen is antioxidants. They are especially abundant in whole foods. They are generally lacking in highly processed foods.

According to medical research, a big problem with PCOS is that many of you are in a state of oxidant stress and thus are in greater need of antioxidants.

So it's recommended that you consume whole foods, as described in the PCOS diet e-book.

You can also drink healthier juices. Instead of soft drinks or energy drinks, why not have a cup of green tea or a glass of tomato or V8 juice? These drinks have antioxidant value whereas soft drinks have none.

Source: Harms-Ringdahl M et al, Tomato juice intake suppressed serum concentration of 8-oxodG after extensive physical activity, Nutr J, 2012 May 2;11(1):29.

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