The Fats You Eat May Cause Infertility

In the PCOS diet e-book, I are very selective in our recommendations for the type of fat and oils you should be consuming. I speak out strongly against the consumption of "trans fats".

New evidence from Harvard Medical School supports my position on trans fats.

In an eight-year study involving 18,555 premenopausal women without a history of infertility who attempted a pregnancy or became pregnant, results indicate that the consumption of trans unsaturated fats may increase the risk of ovulatory fertility problems.

As the amount of trans fats consumed increases, so do problems with ovulation that lead to lack of fertility. When 2% of dietary calories were obtained from trans fats instead of other fats and oils, the women experienced a 79% increased risk of infertility.

Trans fats are found in many processed foods. If you're not sure what a trans fat is, please refer to pages 136-138 in our PCOS diet e-book.

Removal of trans fats from your diet is a very easy and no-cost way to significantly improve your ability to become pregnant.

The trans fats we're talking about are man-made. They are unsaturated fats that are processed into saturated fats by reshaping their molecular structure. An example is a liquid vegetable oil that is transformed into a solid margarine. Stay away from these processed fats and all foods containing them, such as baked goods.

Source: Chavarro JE et al, Dietary fatty acid intakes and the risk of ovulatory infertility, Am J Clin Nutr, 2007; 85(1): 231-237.

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