Inositol + NAC = Better Ovulation and Better PCOS Pregnancy Outcome

Is a lack of regular period or inability to become pregnant an issue for you?  Or is moodiness or depression a concern?  Or weight?

If so, there's increasing evidence that nutritional supplements can help you overcome these problems.

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We talked about the critical role of vitamin D in the past, so I won't cover it here.  If you have a vitamin D deficiency, you're less likely to ovulate. 

Today, let's talk a bit about inositol and NAC

It's known that women with PCOS have a problem properly metabolizing inositol.  There have been quite a few research studies showing that PCOS women who take supplemental inositol have improvement in ovulation, reduction in testosterone levels, and increased pregnancy rates.

For example, in one recent small study of women with polycystic ovarian syndrome who were not ovulating, consumption of inositol showed impressive results.  61.7% of the women ovulated and 37.9% became pregnant.

Among other benefits, inositol improves the signaling capability of the insulin hormone, which helps to keep this critical hormone to function in a more efficient manner.  Inefficient insulin function is called "insulin resistance", which is a primary cause of symptoms. 

Inositol reduces the risk of gestational diabetes during pregnancy, if it is taken at conception and during early pregnancy.  It also improves your egg quality and appears to help with weight issues.

Several studies have indicated that inositol may benefit depressed people, and may be especially helpful for those suffering from premenstrual dysphoric disorder.

NAC is another interesting supplement, especially when used in conjunction with inositol.  NAC is a real "Swiss Army Knife" of a nutrient.  It does so many things.

Importantly, it helps to normalize insulin in several ways.  However, not every woman with polycystic ovary syndrome has an insulin problem.  Some don't. But a study from Magna Graecia University in Italy showed that NAC was beneficial to women with PCOS whether or not they had an insulin problem.

Can't tolerate metformin (Glucophage) the doctor prescribed?  There is evidence that NAC is as effective as metformin, but without the side effects.

NAC and inositol can improve your results if you're attempting "assisted reproduction".

Studies have found favorable evidence for the use of NAC in several psychiatric and neurological disorders, particularly autism, Alzheimer's disease, bipolar disorder, depression, trichotillomania, nail biting, skin picking, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and schizophrenia.

NAC and inositol supplementation appears to be safe and tolerable.

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