Implications for PCOS: Is Your Body Polluted with Hormone-Disrupting Chemicals?

Did you know that your PCOS might have started way back when you were in your mother's womb?

And that there's a possibility that environmental chemical hormone disrupters might be partially responsible?  It appears that this issue is more important than most people realize.

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It's estimated there are perhaps 800 or more chemicals that are suspected of disrupting your hormones. But it's really hard for us to believe that we are carrying around some of these chemicals in our bodies.

So let me introduce you to ten specific individuals residing in Washington state who volunteered to be tested for six groups of known toxic or hormone disrupting chemicals or toxic metals. Washington state is known for its clean air and water, and for its quality foods.

Every Person Contaminated!

Well, guess what? Every single person had at least 26 contaminants and some had as many as 36. Even Laurie Valeriano, a toxic chemical expert and regular organic shopper, tested positive for more than two dozen chemicals.

And there were literally hundreds of other chemicals that were not even tested!

The problem is that we can't see, smell or taste these chemicals. They are not listed on any product label. They're completely invisible but all around you, every day of your life.

Each of us needs to pull our head out of the sand. Don't kid yourself that all these chemicals and toxicants are "safe" or harmless and have no effect on your hormones or your health.

There are no studies to indicate that the presence of 26 or 36 chemicals and toxic metals in your body are collectively good for you. In fact, the evidence overwhelmingly indicates that any combination of the 800 hormone disrupting chemicals plus toxic metals impairs your reproductive health and increases your chances for developing future diseases.

What to do?

Please read the report about the ten people in Washington state. Get to know them and what chemicals each one has. The report will also give you a lot of valuable tips to reduce your chemical burden. It's well worth your time to read this report:

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