PCOS - helpless with all treatments

by Z

I am 27 years old and I weigh about 105 so I am not even overweight due to PCOS.

I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 16. I was on Birth control pills for about 7 years.

Then I decided to go for natural treatment after researching online about this syndrome.

I am taking supplements which my naturopathic told me to, since I was deficient in them, also taking vitex along with progesterone cream and diet.

Unfortunately I don't have any success story so far!

Nothing has showed any positive effects.

I am not even overweight so I really don't know what else to do to reduce hirsutism, facial hair.

I have tried everything possible to reduce hirsutism, facial hair but nothing has worked.

I am just devastated and have given up!


Editor's comments: Hi Everyone, do you have any words of encouragement you can offer to Z? Or something you can suggest she do? She really needs your help!

Meanwhile, I'll make a few comments.

Hi Z, PCOS is devastating for thousands (if not millions!) of women who suffer from PCOS.

Not only is it devastating, but most doctors don't have any truly effective treatments to offer. We all know that taking birth control pills does not make your PCOS go away.

So what does?

That is what you -- and every woman -- will have to figure out. No one has the final answer, the final solution to PCOS for all women. Each woman is different. You can only keep looking and exploring for solutions that work for YOU.

I suggest you start a daily journal. Record your symptoms. Record the medications or supplements you're taking. Also keep track of what you're eating, and how much you're exercising. This is your historical record of how well you're progressing. A historical journal will enable you to notice changes. For example, let's say you start taking saw palmetto for your hirsutism today. Four months later, did your hirsutism get better or not? A journal can tell you that.

What you need is a PLAN. Consult with a licensed naturopathic physician -- if there is one in your area. These professionals are generally very good at developing customized, detailed treatment plans for their patients. Unfortunately, most MDs don't have time to develop in-depth detailed plans. So they prescribe birth control pills or metformin. But hat's not much of a plan.

Vitex is only an herb and is exceedingly unlikely to have such a dramatic effect quickly. One purpose of vitex is to gradually help the body to produce more progesterone.

On the other hand, progesterone cream can have a direct and dramatic effect. I'm not a fan of using "off the shelf" progesterone cream because you can't be certain as to how much progesterone is in it. I prefer that bio-identical ("natural") progesterone be prescribed by a physician and the cream be created by a licensed compounding pharmacist. That is the only way to know for sure how much progesterone you're applying to your body.

Click here for some basic info on progesterone cream. Also here.

Correction of hair loss and hirsutism takes a long time. Each hair goes through its own growth and rest cycle. Hair loss recovery in particular can take a very long time. Many women take saw palmetto for hirsutism. Spearmint tea may also be helpful. You might also try Vaniqa.

It's possible that you have accumulated environmental toxins in your body that are throwing your hormones off balance. I'll be writing about this in our newsletter very soon.

Get a vitamin D test if you have not gotten one already. Your vitamin D level should be in the mid-range of normal; if it's low and you can increase it, some problems are likely to go away.

The problem with PCOS is that it is very complex. Plus, there is a lot of variability among women who have the disorder in terms of their symptoms, how they respond to therapy, etc.

You may need to do many things to gain the upper hand. Improved diet is always the place to start.
PCOS is something you were born with. It's a genetic predisposition toward certain problems. By changing your actions, you can influence how your genes behave. But you have to be relentless. There is no such thing as quick results...that's not how the body works.

The truth is, you'll likely have to work harder and longer than other women in order to have the degree of normalcy that other women have.

Learn as much as you can about PCOS. Apply what you learn. That's all you or anyone can do.

Of course it's frustrating, distressing, painful, expensive etc. Each person has to accept these feelings and simply go ahead and do what needs to be done, no matter how difficult it is. Life goes on. Life is short. You still have your life ahead of you. You don't have time to just give up.

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Some ideas for hirsutism
by: PCOS Editor

There is no "cure" for hirsutism. But you can diminish its intensity by adopting a diet that is anti-inflammatory, which means staying away from processed foods and focusing on whole, fresh vegetables and protein from sources other than 4-legged land animals raised in artificial conditions.

In order to begin to reduce the level of androgens (male hormones) causing the hirsutism, you must first reduce excessive insulin levels and insulin resistance. Doing so will help the ovaries to secrete less male hormone.

Reducing insulin resistance will also allow for an increase in sex hormone binding globulin, which reduces the effect of testosterone.

Another angle of attack is to reduce the activity of 5-alpha reductase, which converts testosterone into the active 5-alpha reductase dihydrotestosterone or DHT, which is a driver of hirsutism. There are a lot of 5-alpha reductase inhibitors, such as progesterone or saw palmetto extract.

You might look into natural bio-identical progesterone applied topically.

A ess obvious possible factor is excess prolactin levels. In this case, vitex extract might be helpful

There are lots of pills and potions you could take, none of which will entirely stop hirsutism. Some of the natural products used in research experiments include: green tea extract, fennel extract, ginger extract, lavender, tea tree and Cyperus rotundus oils, fish oil, and Stryphnodendron adstringens bark extract.

Anyone ever cure hirsutism
by: Anonymous

Hey, just wondering how everyone is doing with their attempts to cure hirsutism naturally.

I was on high dose of spironolactone and finally felt pretty again after years of feeling so disgusting.

I started gaining weight from it and had other side effects so I went off it and I'm trying to heal my body naturally, but I don't want to be working for something that's not possible.

My doc says I can try spiro at a lower dose and I may have the benefits without such severe side effects.

I really don't want to take a pill for the rest of my life and I know spiro is not healthy.

However, I can't find anyone who was not overweight that cured their hirsutism.

I started laser, but that will only help if I stop new hair from continuously growing back.

Did anyone here cure or significantly reduce hirsutism without meds??

If there is no chance for me to cure this, I may as well start on the lowest dose of spiro now and see if that works.

I'm trying diet and lifestyle, but I don't know if that's going to be enough.

Hirsutism caused by more than one thing
by: PCOS Editor

Hi Christy,

Hirsutism is thought to be caused primarily by excess androgens (male hormones). In particular, testosterone is converted into a more "active" form called dihydrotestosterone or DHT. This conversion is made possible by a family of enzymes called "5-alpha reductase". It's the DHT that makes hirsutism worse.

Progesterone tends to inhibit the conversion of testosterone into DHT. When progesterone is low, more DHT tends to be created.

However, progesterone is only one of many factors that affect the amount of testosterone and DHT you have. Progesterone adequacy is only one piece of the PCOS jigsaw puzzle.

by: Christy A

Hi. I was diagnosed with PCOS at the age of 13, when I underwent surgery for a ruptured ovarian cyst. Both ovaries were enlarged and consisted of the classic "string of pearls" in appearance.

The most devastating symptom has been the Hirsutism (since 11 yrs old). I went thru 2 rounds of Accutane to deal with the acne resistant to topical meds and oral antibiotics.

My PCOS was treated with BCpills and Spironolactone. I started electrolysis and laser hair removal since the age of 18. It has been a life-long battle.

At the age of 25, I decided to get off BC pills. I immediately lost 15 pounds (within 2 months of being off the pill). My periods are usually 5-6 weeks apart.

My main concern is the hair situation. It was never gone, but under control. Now I am sprouting hair all the way up my arms and shoulders, buttocks, abdomen. It is humiliating. My laser hair removal treatments are not working. It is taking a huge toll on my self-esteem.

I mentioned it to my gyno during my annual exam, and he sort of dismissed it. He mentioned that some women have more hair than others. While flipping thru the channels I found a show on something called NaPROTechnology. This guy Dr. Hilgers was talking about PCOS. I ordered his book and immediately read the chapter on PCOS/ovulation disorders.

It mentioned something to do with people with PCOS tend to have low progesterone which can trigger the body to make more androgens. I immediately called my GYNO to have my labs drawn to test for this "ESTROGEN DOMINANCE/LOW PROGESTERONE".

I am praying that whatever is wrong with me shows up on those labs. Please keep me in your prayers. I am devastated with this freaking life long battle. It has affected me in every area of my life. I will post a follow up after I have my labs drawn. God Bless

by: CM

Hey ladies,

I have been where you all have been and worse. I know EXACTLY what you are going through.


-following PCOS Healthy Diet book
-tons of vitamins and supplements
-eating organically

TRY IT!!!!!!!!!!! best of luck cysters!

Enlightened but Frightened
by: Anonymous

I've recently been overcome by my hirsutism- facial hair and everywhere else- and hair loss which until now I hadn't realised was due to my PCOS entirely. I've become so disillusioned and depressed by the worsening symptoms and lack of help from doctors. I've now, upon gaining all this new info decided to try natural supplementation since I ant afford specialists and tests etc because I seem to suffer from every PCOS symptom under the sun- except I'm actually underweight and always have been. I seem incapable of getting past 7.5 stones (105 pounds)and am 5'2". I am constantly tired, suffer from severe mood swings, am depressed, suffering from hair loss, bloatedness, constipation, terrible skin, sensitive stomach whereby I cant eat unless I have exactly what I feel for, otherwise my stomach closes up and I have to force feed myself..occassionally I might bring my food back up if i do try to force it down. And have a constant cold. I had hoped these supplements and knowledge about diet and exercise (maybe not exercise since I'm terribly slim) when put into practice may work, but Z's story has now made me think, maybe nothing ever will. What is the point of living then? Also, with my first partner of three years we never used contraceptives or practiced safe sex, not once have I ever gotten pregnant... I wonder more and more everyday, will I ever...and will I ever learn to love myself?

replying for pcos
by: Z

Actually I got a hair analysis/tissue mineral analysis done which showed everything I was overdosed or deffiecient in as to vitamins...It also showed heavy metal/toxins etc...so I was given a 10 day colon cleasing kit to clean out toxins from my body! so I guess you are right about that... I was also told that I have a slow metabolism (type#1 which is putting me towards parasympathetic dominat, tendecy toward low thyroid activity as well as low adrenal gland function (reduced secretion of hormones. which is also giving me poor digestion, and viral infections. I was also diagnosed with Hypoglycemia, and hydrochloric acid deficiency which results in inadequate protein digestion. and then seh nutritionist went over all the vitamins I was deficient in which were alot!!! so now she has given me adrenal all, fiber plus, living green with whole food for (women), reacted multi-minerals, digestzymes, and probiotics because I was also diagnosed with candida. uhhh so that's my medical profile as of right now! I have been taking these for 2 months but haven't seen much difference except for having more energy in the mid afternoon, which usually is a low period for me. so I am not sure what else to hope for...but hoping these will help with my pcos and hirsutism.!!!! I am so young, good looking, don't have any background in this syndrome. so hoping some miracle happens and changes my life to normal again and I can become pregnant and get rid of these hair problems.!!!

Dont give up
by: Lucky Charm

I have a simular story except i'm over weight i weigh now 200 lbs but i dont look it i always get ppl sayin no you weigh maybe 150 but i have facial hair its horrible i feel so ugly but if you deal with it and find a plus outta it (which is hard) you will be fine. Try waxing.. it hurts trust me but its so much better then shaving i'm looking to save for lazer hair removal i work 3 jobs to try and save for it.. But it will pay off stay positive girly

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