Frustration with IVF - Looking for anything that might help

by Zoe

I was diagnosed at the age of 28 which is a bit late. I and my boyfriend had been since I was 25 just after we had moved in together.

A year after we started trying I went to see my doctor because I thought there was something wrong he just said I hadn't been trying long enough. So we kept trying till one day I demanded to speak to a woman doc and straight away she referred me to hospital.

I thought finally something is going to be done. Well, I was totally wrong. I was told I had PCOS and not to research on Google. She told me nothing about it. All she said was I had plenty of eggs and that I would ovulate with these pills (Clomid). Nothing about whether my eggs were mature enough to develop a baby, no info whatsoever.

After a few goes with those God-awful pills messing with my body, I and my boyfriend went to see the doc in the hospital again with no results, this was May of last year 2015. She spoke to us and was about to put me on that Clomid again until my boyfriend put his foot down and said we need more help because those pills aren't working.

Finally we got referred to Newcastle for IVF. End of last year, my first lot of IVF -- I only got 1 egg fertilised and ended up pregnant but I had a miscarriage at 6 weeks. My second go, I got 2 eggs fertilised, 1 implanted and the other frozen, for some reason my body didn't take my egg and I didn't become pregnant.

For my frozen embryo I am trying my hardest to get healthy, I am researching like crazy to find anything that might help, because in 6 weeks just before xmas 2016 my embryo will be implanted and I hope to have my own success story and my wish of becoming a mam come true.

I will be reading what I can from you ladies, I hope I have as much success as you all.

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Some ideas to help you with pregnancy
by: PCOS Editor

Hi Zoe,

IVF is not the only way to become pregnant. I might suggest you educate yourself and see if there are some additional things you can do on your own to improve your odds of having a successful pregnancy.

First of all, since you live in the UK, you may have a deficiency in the "sunshine" vitamin: Vitamin D. Be sure to get a vitamin D blood test and if your test value is below 50, I would suggest supplemental vitamin D to help you ovulate naturally and become pregnant that way.

Read Jenn's story to see what I'm talking about.

Here are some articles that you may find informative to help you to deal with your situation:

Infertility info.
Berberine extract may help with IVF.
Possible genetic risks with IVF
Miscarriage info.

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