Success with Vitamin D, Overcame PCOS Naturally

by Jenn

I was diagnosed with PCOS after stopping the birth control pill and 9 months later my periods had not returned.
There is a wide range of supplemental nutrients that can help you alleviate symptoms of PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and reduce the incidence of ovarian cysts. Nutritional supplements are vital for your health but every person has somewhat different needs. Years has been spent researching and identifying the best solution for each problem. Visit Supplements Guidelines for guidance on which nutritional supplements may be appropriate for you.

After doing a lot of research I questioned the diagnosis because I am thin (5'9'' and only 125 lbs), eat a healthy diet, exercise, and was not having other problems like acne.

Also I had always had extremely regular periods from the time I started at 13 until I went on the pill for the first time at 22.

But after second opinions from other specialists, the diagnosis remained. I was not ovulating and there was no explanation other than PCOS even if I did have extremely mild symptoms.

I wanted to treat it naturally and my OBGYN was very supportive of that so she gave me info on a low glycemic diet.

Unfortunately I found this discouraging because when I looked at it I realized I was already following it perfectly (I have always been a health nut!).

I tried vitex and other supplements but nothing was making me ovulate and I really wanted to be pregnant.

Finally I gave up on the natural stuff and got a prescription for clomid. And surprise, surprise even that didn't make me ovulate! I was so discouraged.

It seemed like my body was refusing to ovulate no matter what I did!

Then finally 17 months after stopping the pill I had a breakthrough.

Here is what happened. First of all my identical twin sister also went off the pill and had no problem immediately resuming ovulation and normal cycles. My sister is a biologist and also a health nut like myself so we sat down and analyzed our lives.

We knew we had the exact same genes and mostly the same environment so we concluded the problem had to be something simple she was or wasn't doing that I needed.

That's when it hit her. She loves the sun and I had always avoided it. I like the pale skin look but she was always a big sun bather.

I was skeptical. It can't be that simple I thought.

No specialist had ever suggested to me or tested me for vitamin D deficiency.

It was May and getting warm so I started laying out in the sun with my sister. One month later I had ovulated and had a regular cycle. I couldn't believe it!

After that I started taking 2000IU of vitamin D a day in addition to D-Pinitol. I also continued with the chromium and fish oil I had been taking already.

I continued to have normal cycles ovulating every month and 8 months later I was finally pregnant!

I successfully overcame my PCOS naturally!

Ironically, after my ordeal and success I finally started hearing more and more about the link between Vitamin D and PCOS. I hope my success helps somebody.

If you are on the right diet, a healthy weight, and still not ovulating, it might really be as simple as vitamin D!


Editor's comments: Jenn, what an inspiring story! As you might expect, we agree 100% on the importance of vitamin D. We've referred to vitamin D on numerous occasions and pointed out that women with PCOS may have a vitamin D insufficiency.

What's utterly fascinating is that you had an identical twin sister with similar environment and lifestyle so that you could compare notes and tease out the "missing link" for you. An excellent piece of detective work!

Also, congratulations to both of you for being health nuts. This type of lifestyle will reward you well in the future, especially in terms of avoiding the long term consequences of PCOS.


The d-pinitol Jenn is referring to can be found here. It contains both vitamin D and chromium.

If you're looking for a diet that can help you get a handle on polycystic ovary syndrome and infertility, give this diet book a read.


We have strayed very far from the genetic roots of our ancestors. Their vitamin D levels were much higher than ours are today. They were out in the sun much more than we are today. They also obtained more vitamin D from their primitive food supply.

Many of us are not genetically programmed to effectively deal with living indoors, being sedentary, eating processed foods, or metabolizing the tens of thousands of chemicals that pervade our food, water, air and physical surroundings. The result is the prevalence of chronic disorders that you see all around you today.

Therefore we all have to work a little harder to eat a more wholesome diet, get more exercise, avoid chemicals, and take nutritional supplements as needed. Keep in mind that because of our agricultural practices, our food supply today has less nutrition in it even though it looks the same, e.g.., a kernel of wheat today is not as nutrient-dense as a kernel of wheat 100 years ago.
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Power of Omega 3 and Vitamin D3
by: Dr. Haidar

Huuum. Am just surprised!!! I did to one of my patients, I suspected to have PCOS-related infertility, a thorough laboratory. She had severe hyperlipidemia, and moderate deficiency for vitamin D3.

I started on vitamin D3 800 IU and Omega 3 fatty acids, meanwhile waiting for her insulin levels.

She came back after two months with a positive pregnacy test!!! I was surprised and couldn't believe it because her only first born was 19 years old!!!

vitamin D and disease
by: PCOS Editor

Thanks for your story...let us know what happens.

Vitamin D deficiency is associated not only with PCOS, but nearly ANY chronic disorder you would care to name. You name it, and you may discover that vitamin D in involved in some way.

Not only is a vitamin D deficiency induced by lack of sun exposure, it appears that various diseases can deplete vitamin D. So a vitamin D deficiency may be both a consequence of a diseae as well as a lack of sun exposure.

In eiter case, vitamin D supplemention is helpful.

Vitamin D is a criticla regulator of the immune system. A major aspect of PCOS is that it is an immune system disorder. So adequate vitamin D does more than help to normalize ovulation.

Similar story
by: Anonymous91

I've recently read about vitamin D because I was researching Info about my late ovulation so much. Now I came across this... Your story is so similar to mine. I always stayed away from the sun being afraid of hyper pigmentation because I get affected by the sun within hours and end up with uneven skin tone. Im getting longer and longer cycles (was CD30-31) ever since I graduated and spent most of my time in the house studying for a test. I started tracking ovulation when I started to Try and concieve and realized I ovulate CD21 and cycles started to become 35 days long. I will definitely get vitamin D supplements and take 2-4000IU daily for a few months.

I make every effort to avoid the sun and I'm sure im vitamin D deficient without even doing blood tests. i will get them soon and update with my results

by: Jenn

I submitted this story over four years ago! I love that it is still inspiring people. I thought I needed to send an update. My daughter was born perfectly healthy. She is now 4 years old! and I have a two year old healthy son whom we conceived easily the second month of trying! These days I consider myself healed from PCOS. I no longer take any supplements other than 1000 IU vit D and only in the winter. In the summer I spend lots of time outdoors playing with my kids and we avoid sunscreen. Im still a health nut and a huge fan of REAL food! I cook everything from scratch and include lots of healthy fats like grass fed butter, coconut oil, and olive oil in my diet which keeps my blood sugar very stable. These days when people ask me about PCOS, I say, look no further than the Weston a Price Foundation. Eat like your ancestors and your problems will disappear. :) best of health everyone!

Explains a lot!
by: Anonymous

I've been working on a small sub-tropical island for two years now after always being in the UK and northern Europe. The only cold I've managed to catch was on flight to Cape Town last year - no other illnesses in those two years. And then after being told by the medical profession for 20 years I wouldn't be able to get pregnant without a load of medical assistance, I became pregnant at Christmas completely naturally. I've never been in the sun so much (I'm a redhead) but here it's just a way of life and the huge amount of vitamin D I'm getting on a daily basis could explain my small medical miracle. xxx

by: Lisa

I was diagnosed with PCOS after six months without ovulation at the age of 18. I basically just "lived" with it. I have gone through several courses of infertility treatment and still want to have a child...but I'm now 43 and time is running out quickly.

Months go by without having a period, however, interestingly enough every annual holiday vacation in Hawaii within two days produces a period! At first I thought it was a reduction in stress, but a few years ago, I put it together--low vitamin D levels were suppressing the periods, the sun naturally increased my vitamin D levels and voila! Period! Of course, it's not the most fun having a period when you want to swim in the ocean (where there are sharks, of course!) but I was always fascinated by how quickly the sun re-balances me. Unfortunately, I have to return after two weeks and the other 11 1/2 months out of the year, I'm inside working during daylight hours.

I did have my vitamin D level checked and I'm extremely deficient. I am going to begin supplementing again with Vitamin D and stick with it. Hopefully this will provide me the same success as this wonderful story!

It's nice to know that the situation isn't completely hopeless.

Vitamin D
by: Anonymous

I am 44 and started my period at 13 and had most of the PCOS symptoms from day one. Bad acne very irregular period,abnormal hair growth VERY oily skin. I did get pregnant 3 times but they were not planned because I could never have had a planned pregnancy. At 34 I had very High cholesterol 300!!!! So, I decided to change my diet. I was never fat but could have stood to lose 15 lbs, I did with a healthy diet. I still had all the other PCOS symptoms though. Then at 38 I decided to try supplements, fish oil, VITAMIN D, biotin. With in 4 months my periods were almost perfectly regular. My skin was not as oily, I had twice as much hair on my head and it was not falling out. No Joke Vitamin D was a God Send. I just wish I had known about it years ago!!!

fantastic advice
by: Anonymous

Thank You very much!!! And congratulations - it's just absolutely superb!

Vitamin D works!
by: Anonymous

I am having the shortest cycles I have had for 4 years by taking Vitamin D3 and PlusEPA fish oil. The PlusEPA fish oil helps to take down inflammation because it is has NO DHA in it, and it is proven in studies to take down inflamation. I do not work for the company! Just a 29 year old with PCOS that found that Vitamin D and PlusEPA works as good as Metformin!

2-3 gelcaps of PlusEPA per day and I recomend 2,000 to 4,000 IU vitamin D3 daily for PCOS women!

Its worked!!!
by: Anonymous

i have pcos and im clomid resistant, i dont ovulate at all so was at a loose end, i read this story and immediatly tried the vitamin d and low and behold i actually ovulated 10 days later!!! i cannot believe it and thank you so much for sharing this, xxx

Great post!!
by: Anonymous

Brilliant post!

I was diagnosed earlier this year and I am a personal trainer and health nut like yourself so was devastated!!!

I am getting testing for my vitamin D levels very soon and want to get onto vit d supplements.

I hope i will be as successful as you as the lack of any period is starting to really stress me out now, just want things back to normal!

Thanks for sharing your story

by: Danielle

I read your article a few months back and immediately started taking Vitamin D. I now have normal periods for the past two cycles. I am SO excited, I hope this lasts!!

Simply Incredible
by: Kesha F.

This story is simply incredible. I was amazed that the problem was lack of Vitamin D or lack of sunlight. I caused me to think about my situation and re-evaluate my current state. I started my cycle when I was 13 and it was regular for one year. From 1995 until today I have had very little sun exposure other than going to and from school or work. I was prescribed at 5 different types birth control pills. I've been on metaformin/glucophage, and other insulin resistance medications. All of which made me very sick and week.
I just began taking vitamins, but I never thought that the sun could be a benefit. I'm going to continue my pursuit of natural solutions. I'm currently in the process of beginning the Candida diet, and this story has just motivated me to start walking outside more often instead of my normal routine of hiding from the heat. Hopefully I'll have good news about weight loss, and normal ovulation soon.

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