Weight Loss and Diet Recommendations?

I started about a month ago a workout regime. I have lost 7 inches so far all over my body. But have not yet lost anything. I eat about a 1800 calorie diet. I weight now 234 and would love to loss 70lbs.

Am I eating too much? I workout 6 times a week, cardio and strength training.

Getting frustrated. What do I do? I really want to get the weight off.


Editor's comments:

First of all, congratulations doing an exercise program for a month and on losing the inches. Losing inches is every bit as important as losing total weight.

The abdominal area is the worst place to have fat. This fat is the dangerous kind and suggests you may have a problem with insulin resistance and excessive cortisol production. Cortisol is a stress hormone.

So…if your waist is shrinking, you are obviously doing the right thing. Just keep doing it!

Don't obsess about the weight. It will gradually melt away, and I do mean gradually. Be very patient and very persistent. Focus on getting your waist circumference smaller.

Also, don't forget that muscle is much heavier than fat. Have you ever noticed 234 lb. athletes on TV or at the Olympics? They have very little body fat. The reason they weigh so much is that they have a large amount of muscle tissue, which is very heavy. So a person can be totally fit and buffed at 234 lbs., or be obese at 234 lbs. So total weight is not your only criteria for success.

Since you may have insulin resistance, the weight loss will be slower. Maybe you could set a goal of losing 4 lbs. per month.

As for the calories, don't bother to count them. What you want to do is completely change the TYPE of calories you consume.

In a nutshell, do not consume ANY processed or manufactured foods. In other words, you only eat fresh or frozen vegetables, lean animal protein like fish and poultry, occasional eggs, occasional whole fruit, occasional legumes such as lentils/beans, nuts and seeds, and a beverage such as green tea or possibly coffee.

Notice I did not say energy bars, baked goods, potatoes, rice, wheat, lunch meats, breakfast cereal, diet soft drinks, convenience foods, hamburgers, pizza, etc., etc.

Consuming a whole foods diet as described above will allow you to eat a huge volume of highly nutritious foods that is relatively low in total calories.

This type of diet also reduces your insulin resistance. Once insulin resistance is reduced, you will burn off the fat more rapidly.

In other words, this diet accomplishes 2 things: it replaces bad calories with good calories, and it helps to rebalance your insulin and other hormones so that you can lose weight more easily. A third benefit of such a diet is that it is high in fiber, thus reducing risk of colon cancer, etc.

If you want a lot of detailed information about all this, read this ebook.

This is a PCOS diet ebook but you don't have to have PCOS to benefit from it.

Also, if you're under stress, do what you can to remove sources of any stress from your life. That will reduce your cortisol levels, and thus help your belly fat to disappear.

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Weight loss
by: Fishlover

Why is it so hard to lose weight when you have PCOS? I am 30 years old, 71 kgs but just 5"1 in height. I'm really having a hard time to lose weight, will power is my number 1 problem


Editor's comments:

Could be a combination of several factors:

1) Insulin resistance. Insulin resistance causes you to build up and retain fat.

2) Subclinical hypothyroidism (below optimal thyroid function makes weight loss extremely difficult.)

3) Appetite disorder or carbohydrate craving, caused by an imbalance of hunger hormones.

4) Mood disorders. Depression and anxiety are very common in PCOS, leading to uncontructive eating and lifestyle behavior.

5) Consuming foods with a high glycemic index.

Most of these problems can be handled with a combination of improved diet, as in this ebook, plus regular and steadily increasing exercise.

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