Pregnant at last

by Ciara

I would just like to tell you a "success story" that may give other women hope. Here goes.

I have not had a natural period since 1996 when I was 21. After 8 years of Diannette, I came off and my periods hadn’t returned even after a year.

I already knew I had PCOS as I had had an ultrasound in 1996. In 2004 I had blood tests and a transvaginal ultrasound. The results were predictable—elevated androgens, testosterone, and LH, and hormones were all over the place.

My gynecologist put me on Glucophage/Metformin, but despite months of this, I had no period and blood tests showed very little improvement.

In the meantime I had self-medicated with various herbs such as agnus castus and saw palmetto, but again, no periods and my symptoms were all there.

My gynecologist then gave me Provera to bring on a period and put me on 5 mg. of Clomid from day 3 to day 8 of my cycle. I got a period, not a natural one, but nevertheless a period which I was grateful for! Then I tried the Clomid, and blood tests revealed that I had ovulated! There was hope, at least, even if I hadn’t conceived.

Several Clomid cycles followed, I think 8 or 9 in total, but I didn’t conceive. I came off Clomid, my gynecologist said my periods might return, but no such thing happened even after 3 months.

I had more blood tests which showed I had hypothyroidism as well as PCOS. At this stage I was despairing of ever being “normal” or becoming a mother. Still no sign of a period.

When my breasts began to ache I took a pregnancy test. You guessed it, I was pregnant! Now I am 37 weeks pregnant, and it was completely natural.

Somewhere along the line, my hormones had decided to regulate themselves. So please tell other women out there that there is hope!

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Thats me !!!
by: Jennifer Davis

I just wanted to comment that I found this website and read your story and that is me !!! Only difference is that I have yet to get pregnant. I am 31 and did not have a period for 12 years since having my first at 12 the doctors said it was normal and be patient . I finally went on birth control for a year and had one every month like clock work then they stopped. I tried metraformin and chlomid three times....Very stressful but the final time i did ovulate so i knew there was hope just did not pin point to get pregnant. we are ready to try again...have been maried 7 years and want a baby so desperately the good news is that in the last year I have had about 6 periods naturally and right about on a schedule. We have not tried the chlomid again...just been hoping it would happen naturally.....alas no luck yet.....I was wondering if you could me I would love the support.....I know it will happen but knowing what you went thorough can you suggest my next step...i would love some email if you would is [email protected] thank you so much

and by the way congratulations.....

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