Solution to PCOS and Weight Loss Is a Realistic Exercise Plan

Several research studies have shown that women with PCOS don't exercise as much as they need to in order to control their disorder.

So you may have an issue about exercise. If you're not as physically active and not exercising as much as you feel you should, take a moment to write down all the reasons why you aren't exercising regularly. Do you see a theme in these reasons? Are they legitimate reasons or are they really just excuses?

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By far the most common excuse I hear from people is "I don't have time". This is certainly the excuse I give to myself if I don't feel like exercising -- I just tell myself "I'm too busy right now. I'll get to it little later." Well, "later" never happens! 

My other favorite excuse is bad weather; I will exercise as soon as it's warmer or it stops raining. So when it stops raining, do I go out for some exercise? No, because I'm too busy with something else at that moment.

If you're at all like me, the problem is that you don't have a specific exercise goal and no PLAN to exercise. So it doesn't happen.

Here's how to overcome excuses and get the job done.

Write Down a "SMART" PCOS Exercise Goal for Yourself


  • Specific.
  • Measurable.
  • Attainable.
  • Realistic.
  • Timely.

Here's an example: 

  • Example: "I want to lose 30 lbs by January 15, 2018". 
  • Specific: Yes, 20 lbs 
  • Measurable: Yes, in pounds 
  • Attainable: Yes, that's 5 lbs a month or about 1.2 lbs a week.
  • Realistic: Yes, I have 30 lbs to spare and 1.2 lbs a week is a reasonable rate.
  • Timely: By January 15, 2018.

Create an Exercise Plan so that You Will Achieve Your Goal

Do you plan to go to work today? Are you planning to eat some food and go to sleep? Are you planning to shampoo your hair and brush your teeth? Of course! We make plans every day.

So the next step is to create an exercise plan. It could be something simple like this:

"I will exercise ____ time(s) this week. I plan to do it on _____ (day or days) at ______ (time or times). If I have a conflict with that time, my backup plan is to exercise on ______ (day) at ______ (time).

If you're not yet in the habit of exercising, you plan could be something that you know you can achieve. Example:

"I will walk briskly 2 times this week for twenty minutes. I plan to do it on Tuesday at 7:00 pm and Thursday at 10:00 am. If I have a time conflict, my backup plan is to do it on Friday at 5:00 pm and Sunday at 8:30 a.m."

In summary, goals + plans = greater probability of developing an exercise habit.

Habitual exercise = greater relief from PCOS symptoms + reduced risk of diabetes and heart disease.

If you'd like a more in-depth review of exercise, have a look at the Exercise chapter in The Natural Diet Solution for PCOS and Infertility ebook.

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