PCOS, Magnesium Deficiency, and Incredible Pain

by Tina


Always enjoy reading your newsletter after finding out over 15 years ago while going through infertility treatments, I suffer from PCOS myself.

I have been reading all of your nutritional information for some time with big interest relating to how I feel. I wanted to reach out in regards to what everyone has been saying about magnesium.

I am currently in my late 40’s and about 7 years ago besides suffering from PCOS, I had begun an issue with my foot as well as increased muscle cramps in the calves of my legs. By year 4 of the pain, I would wake each day barely being able to stand and put pressure on my heel. When I would go shopping or to an amusement park, my feet would hurt so bad that I had to sit and miss out on the fun. At the end of each day, I would soak my feet and then elevate my legs with ice on my heels.

Upon visiting a podiatrist, I was diagnosed with heel bursitis and plantar fasciitis. I then received cortisone injections in the heels of my feet and a pair of $300 custom shoe orthotics. I did not care about the needles because at this point I was desperate.

With each shot, the pain would subside and then return faster than it did with the last shot. The next treatment option was to cut the tendons in the heels of my foot to relieve the pressure.

I begin Googling like crazy. I did not want to have this surgery and I wanted to see if anyone had success with a different remedy. I typed in heel pain and after several links there is was MAGNESIUM deficiency.

I thought I have nothing to lose. It is a mineral. Within 2 days, the pain lessened. Within 1 week, the pain was minimal and by the next week, gone!

I could not believe it.

I told my doctor that the pain was gone and he would not accept my reasoning clinically. He said there is no research to support that magnesium will help with your condition.

I said that the pain could not just have disappeared after 4 years of every day suffering. I was not doing or taking anything other meds. Mind you, the pain was unbearable by year 4.

I told him there was not a man in a white coat that could convince me that magnesium did not cure me.

I still keep taking it and when I lapsed from taking it for a long period of time, I would feel the pain starting to creep back in. Then, I would quickly start taking it again.

After that, I decided to make it my life’s mission to tell everyone who I ever overheard and spoke to complaining of foot pain about my experience and remedy. I am happy to report that I my message has helped 3 people I work with and countless strangers. This is why I am sending it to you.

One woman actually told me I gave her a life back. She had heels on and was dancing in front of me as she bowed. You see she was in terrible pain for at least a year. This is how I felt myself and how I know people who read your newsletter probably feel on the day they read someone that puts everything in order or helps them feel better.

Thank you for giving everyone all this different information related to PCOS specifically. It really has made a difference in how I now educate myself and just don’t listen to those “practicing” medicine.

The body and mind are very complex. Why would I think that one or a few medical professionals would be able to know or understand each individual and how to fix their issues.

The first question I now ask myself is do I think this is really a physical issue caused by something I am doing or ingesting or is my mind telling my body to knock it off. Now, I am absolutely researching vitamins and ever since the magnesium was introduced I pushed for a full blood workup.

I was no longer letting anybody in a white coat deny me to insight through testing that could make me feel better inside and out. This told me that I was also low on Vitamin D as well.

I don’t think anyone realizes the impact vitamins and minerals have on their body and mind when they are missing.

They also need to realize not to just take things so doctors are an important part of your health. It is a partnership. You need them for the tests, but you need to inform yourself on the holistic approach when they suggest meds. I could go on and on about people in my life that were prescribed things their bodies reacted negatively to and treated them like they were tweaking a science experiment.

This Friday, I meet with a new endocrinologist and I hope to gain even more insight. For the PCOS patient I would like to see you explore this medical professional and provide some advice.

So keep the advice coming! You never know who you are giving their life back.


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by: PCOS Editor

Magnesium threonate is thought to be well absorbed, but may not be available in your country.

Magnesium citrate or any other form of magnesium other than oxide would be fine.

The amount needed depends on how deficient you are. You might try 250-400 mg per day as a start.

An excellent dietary source of magnesium is green leafy vegetables. Eat more green leafy vegetables.

A diet consisting of processed convenience foods is very low in magnesium.

Loved ur article
by: Anonymous

I m also suffering from PCOD over the last 5 years. I also have terrible feet pain. After reading your article I m also thinking to start magnesium. Can you please suggest which medicine did you take?

What dosage?
by: Anonymous

Hey Tina!

I read with interest your article, as I'm starting to feel pain in my feet and I haven't known what to do about it. I was wondering how much magnesium you took? In other words, what dosage, and so forth?
Thank you, ~

Teeth grinding and jaw pain
by: Miriam

I also discovered I had a magnesium deficiency -diagnosed by my dentist. I had been grinding my teeth, and had terrible pains in my jaw during the day. I developed pains in my neck and shoulder. When I started taking the supplement, I noticed a good difference after 3 days. The pains were gone after 1 week. Magnesium is extremely important in the body.

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