PCOS Diet Newbie

by Ellen
(Dallas, TX)

Hi. I was diagnosed with PCOS in January 2009 after seeing an infertility specialist. I went to him after 1 1/2 years of trying to get pregnant. After 2 unsuccessful attempts with IUI, we have begun the process of looking at IVF.

At age 37, I want to maximize my chances of success as well as just begin to have a healthier lifestyle.

I saw your book on the web and ordered it. I have been following the diet for 1 week now and I do feel better (even lost 2 lbs.) I have also started seeing an acupuncturist that specializes in infertility. She is also treating me with an herbal supplement tea.

I have a couple of questions after my first trip to the health food store. I saw several products and wanted to get your opinion on them.

1. Dairy - I am a HUGE milk and cheese eater. Obviously, this was a bit upsetting after reading the chapter in the book. While I am determined to do everything I can to follow the diet I find myself really craving a glass of milk. I saw Almond Milk at the store. What are your thoughts about using that as an occasional treat when I am really craving milk? I found an organic brand (Pacific Natural Foods) that has 11g of carbohydrate and 9g of sugar per serving.

2. Bread & Pasta - I am a total carb addict. Giving this up will be my biggest challenge. I have always known that my carb addiction was a big reason for why I am over weight, so this was not new news. Now I just have more of a reason to get my diet under control. While at the store, I saw a lot of alternative bread-type products that are gluten-free. Many of them list 0 grams of sugar. Could these be viable alternatives when I have cravings?

Thank you in advance for your opinions. Overall, I am very excited about the book and I am very hopeful about getting pregnant. Your book has given me so much information that I now feel empowered to take control of my health. Keep your fingers crossed for me.


Ed. comments: You might consider a gradual but steady transition to the diet as described in the PCOS diet book. Don't try to do everything all at once. This is not an "easy" diet. It takes patience and persistence.

There is no big problem with occasional dairy products. Enjoy occasionally, but milk and cheese shouldn't be the mainstay of your diet.

The carb addition is probably the heart of your dietary problem. It may take quite some time for your system to recalibrate itself so that the hunger mechanism for carbs is not triggered. Any kind of baked good is not recommended. Whether it has sugar or not is not the only issue. The issue is the Glycemic Load of the food product.

The Glycemic Load is not displayed on the label of bread products, gluten free or not. The lower your Glycemic Load, the faster you're likely to progress. Read our chapter on this topic. Semi-starchy vegetables are a better choice than baked goods as a temporary measure.

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My road to sucess
by: denise

I was diagnosed with PCOS a few months after unsucessfully trying for a baby. I went to a fertility clinic when i was put on clomid and scanned and had to have timed sex. I did this for 3 cycles but with no sucess. I then did one IUI and again no sucess. A friend of mine whom has PCOS but was not trying for a baby but had other hormonal problems have a laprosopy and overian drilling. i suggested to my fertity specialist that i should have this done as I could also have my tubes and womb looked at to make sure they were OK. Unfortuntaly after having it i was told my tubes were blocked and the only way of having a child was IVF. I got all the documentation and was just waiting for my next period when I found out I was pregnant. I was also getting acuputure. Drilling the overies abviously made me ovulate and the dye that was put down my tubes must have clear them slightly. Also I only had sex twice in that month so it really did seem like a miracle. i now have a healthy 7 month old boy. The fertility clinice never suggest surgery as they would loss out on the money from fertility treatment but I think it should be the first thing to try and i only wished I had tried it first.

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