Living with PCOS

by dre
(St. John's Antigua)

Hi everyone. I have just been diagnosed with PCOS and it was the most devastating news I could have ever received.

I have been trying off and on for the past five years to conceive. I have never had a regular cycle but I never made much of it because really!, which woman likes that time of the month and I've been in and out of relationships so there'd be time when I just don't think about a baby.

But now I've met the man of my dreams and he also is childless it really dawned on me that I needed to seek help. He is extremely supportive of me and keeps on playing it in my ear he'll be there for me no matter what.

I've had an ex boyfriend who left me because he said that I was barren (a local term for infertile) and a mule, so the love and support that my honey showed me when we started to think seriously about a family was overwhelming because I have never experienced that trying to conceive.

So I went to my Gyn and she started me on a regiment of Clomid. First 50mg, which I did not respond to and for several months I did so.

I felt like she really wasn't making headways with me so I decided to visit a specialist. I did and he told me of my options I felt confident in my new doctor.

He immediately put me on Provera and Clomid 150mg. Again I did not respond. He ordered a twelve day scan which I was hoping would show some good news but instead I saw a line of pearls PCOS.

I am now feeling defeated cause it seems like the closer I figure I am to conceiving, the farther it appears I am.

The costs are becoming a burden and now he indicates to me that I may have to start an FSH injection regiment which is extremely expensive where I am.

I have done so many tests already, HSG, blood work, ultrasounds. Man, the works, only to find out I have this awful disease.

I have decided to go ahead with the treatment because I really don't have anything else to lose except money but hey, money was made to spend.

I've also started taking metformin 500mg twice daily and I'm on a high protein low carb diet because he indicated that my chances for conceiving would be higher if I lost about 20% of my body weight.

I'm trying to do some exercise. I hate exercise but hey, I gotta do something. So I hope by the new year ill receive the news that god has blessed me with a beautiful little one.

Baby dusts to you all and keep believing


Editor's comments: Hi, DRE. Sometimes all the various drugs and "assisted reproduction" procedures do not result in a successful pregnancy.

However, you can improve your odds by making some lifestyle improvements. An example is learning how to eat the right kind of carbs, primarily carbs that are whole foods and have a low glycemic load. Having some protein at each meal is also helpful.

Avoid things like white rice and bread. Eat more locally grown fresh vegetables. Since you live on an island, there should be a plentiful supply of local fish. Fish are an excellent food for your situation. Some chicken and eggs are other good protein sources.

Try not thinking of exercise as something you hate. Think of exercise as your best friend, and one of the fastest ways for you to start a family. The more you exercise, the more fat your muscle cells will burn off and the more weight you will lose. With a good diet, even a weight loss of 5% - 10% may enable you to ovulate.

Remember, the only place you can burn off fat is with your muscles. The more you use them, the more weight you can lose.

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by: Anonymous

thanks lizzy. i really appreciate your comment and i guess we just have to see the light at the end of the tunnel every time we take up a cookie evry time we see bread which is definately my criptonite and pasta. i promised my self for the new year to stick to everything i said i was gonna do. it will not be easy but through the grace of god i will.

keep hope high
by: lizzy

i really understand how you feel, i was in a 5 year relationship and never conceived and never wondered that something was really physcally wrong with me. But i am in a new relationship and we go to the doctors together and learned through a ultrasound that i too have PCOS. I was sad and i cried like they told me i was gonna die that day.! I was so scared but i know i have to keep my hopes up too and lose some weight. My biggest fear is cancer but i pray this will clear up one day and i will be able to start a family too. I am stuggling with my diet but i hope it all works out for the best!

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