Living with PCOS, Trying Provera

by Britt A.
(SF, CA)

Hello everyone. I am 25 years old. I was dx'd with PCOS 2 years ago and have had 2 other opinions since. I have PCOS alright.

I guess it makes sense, since I can remember my period has always been irregular.

I've been married to my husband for 4 years now, we were together for 3 years before marriage, so 7 years now going strong.

I have never gotten pregnant. Never took bc, never used any form of contraceptives, nothing. I kind of lost all hope, so I didn't care too much about having any babies.

Past few months I've been having baby fever like crazy so my husband and I both agreed that maybe it's time that we actually try.

I've heard soooo many success stories about women with PCOS and having babies. I've been on every forum and read all about it, it makes me feel good and gives me hope. Thanks ladies.

Just last week the doc put me on Provera 10mg 2 x a day for 5 days.

Its supposed to jump start a period, not necessarily induce ovulation but I have heard of stories where it just ended up that way. The doc told me I should get a period within a week or so...

Also gave me bc to start on the 1st Sunday after my period if I don't want to "get pregnant right away". She was so confident that I will get pregnant instantly if I don't get on bc.

I cant lie, her confidence made me feel so good walking out of there.

Forget the bc, I don't need to plan anything, I'm ready.

I get home and do the research on Provera and I hear a few scary things. )=

Why would the doc tell me Provera would help me ovulate when in fact it does not? It's my last day on Provera today... I will let you all know what happens.

*******Baby dust***********


Editor's comments: Hi Britt, Provera is a synthetic hormone that is a mimic of the progesterone that you make inside your body. It is not identical to your natural hormone progesterone. It is similar, but different. Therefore, side effects are possible.

An alternative is to take a hormone that is IDENTICAL to the hormone in your body. You can take a hormone called "progesterone", also called "natural progesterone" or "bio-identical" progesterone. Since this hormone is the very same hormone that is already in your body, there are no side effects and it is going to be more effective than Provera. Why would it be more effective? Because it is a hormone that you body can use.

If you were thirsty and wanted a drink of water, which would you choose? A Coke or a glass of water? Either one would quench your thirst, right? They are both liquids, right?

Coke even has some water in it but it also has other things that are not so good. Nobody would say that a Coke is healthier than water. Your body wants water, not a Coke.

The same is true about hormones. Which does your body want? Provera or progesterone? No one would say that Provera is healthier for you than progesterone. Your body wants progesterone, not Provera.

If you start putting healthier things into your body, you may find that you can achieve the results you are looking for.

You can learn more about progesterone here.

Your doctor can prescribe bio-identical progesterone. But you will have to ask for it. If your doctor won't do it, ask him or her why, or find another doctor.

I would also recommend that you consult with a licensed naturopathic physician in your area.
They can give you some good advice about hormones and ways to become pregnant in a healthy way.

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Previous comment
by: Anonymous

Responding to previous comment, Metformin is used to treat insulin resistance which can be a symptom of PCOS.

Answers to your questions
by: PCOS Editor

Hi Amy,

Lack of energy, depression, anxiety and mood swings are common with PCOS. These symptoms can be caused by any number of factors. But two primary ones are underactive thyroid function, and problems in your brain caused primarily by dysfunction of the insulin hormone.

Back pain that refers down the leg is not common in polycystic ovary syndrome. It could be caused by almost anything, such as a pinched nerve or a systemic disease of some kind.

The nipping sensation is not associated with PCOS.

Consult with a qualified health professional about your thyroid function, and the possible causes of the back pain and vaginal sensations.

What you can do in the meantime is improve your diet, as discussed elsewhere on this site. Also, it would be wise to get a vitamin D test. I wouldn't be surprised if you have a vitamin D deficiency.

Help please
by: Amy

I am 27 years old and I have been married for 7 years now. I was diagnosed with PCOS about 2 years ago. During the course of my marriage I have never gotten pregnant. I'm not so concerned about getting pregnant right now; it's my feeling I'm worried about. My feeling are all a wac.

I'm feeling lazy every day, the middle of my lower back pains a lot and the pain travels to my feet. And I'm getting this intense nipping sensation from within my vagina. Can someone please tell me if these are common in PCOS or I should be worried it's something else I'm so stressed out. Help please.

In response to "Ontario"
by: Britt

Sorry hun, I didnt get your name... I am not a doctor but in response to your question, Metformin is used to treat diabetics. It regulates the blood sugar and increases the body's response to insulin. However it is also prescribed to women with PCOS to increase ovulation and to get a regular cycle. My last ob about a year ago started me on Met 1500mg just to reulate my period, (no baby plans at that time). It made me sooooo sick. I took it for about a month, I can say I did get a period however the nausea and the vomtting was just too much for me. Its different for everyone but I have heard many success stories of people taking Metformin and getting pregnant. So your doc either put you on it if you are trying to concieve and if not that, then to regulate your period. Hope this helps.

by: ontario, ca.

hello everyone. my doctor did not come out and inform me that I have PCOS. IM learning all these things through this blog' Im taking a medicine called Metformin I thought it was to treat diabetics which I am not. Im trying to figure out what exactly does this medication do?

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