Damn the Unsympathetic Docs!

by Meghna

I was diagnosed with PCOD when I was 11....and everything I read here is totally right.

But have been gaining weight without exercise....and still all the doctors EVERYWHERE (well, those I've met) are soooo unsympathetic.

They diagnose it....and viola! Tada! Sorry! Nothing to be done! You're on your own! Best of luck with the damn pills (which bty make life more miserable).

Find this website inspiring...that people don't take doctors words as gospel and are successful in their natural experiments!


Editor's comments: Hi Meghna, I can understand your frustration. You are certainly not alone!

It's my impression that most conventional medical doctors do not have a solid, in-depth understanding of what polycystic ovary syndrome is. Even more concerning, they do not know what to do about it.

What they do know is how to suppress certain symptoms. What they do not know is how to reduce the CAUSES of the problem.

The modern medical industry we have today is fairly good at "managing diseases". It is quite poor at "building health". There is a huge distinction between "managing diseases" and "building health".

The easy way to "manage" PCOS is to prescribe birth control pills, even though it's well known that birth control pills to not remove the causes of PCOS. The nice thing about birth control pills is that they give you the illusion of normalcy, even though the underlying problem still remains.

As for physicians being unsympathetic toward the patient's inability to lose weight, I suspect that is because they do not deeply understand the mechanisms that are causing the weight gain. Maybe they are unsympathetic because they don't know how to help you, or they are simply ignorant. Not all medical professional are perfect human beings. They have flaws just like you and I do.

Regarding inability to lose weight, only an uninformed or inexperienced doctor would tell you "it's all in your head", "you need to have more willpower", or "you need to go on a diet". Most of us know that weight loss is a very complex issue that requires a very thoughtful, individualized approach.

The underlying problem is that we have unrealistically high expectations from our medical industry. We expect that they can solve whatever health problem we have. This is simply a false assumption. There are dozens and dozens of disorders where the medical profession has a poor track record.

But let's not throw out the baby with the bath water. Physicians play an important role in helping us to manage our disorders, perform surgery, or to deal with medical emergencies.

What they are not so good at is helping us to achieve optimum health.

Therefore, if we want to be truly healthy, we have to do it ourselves.

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