Chances of Becoming Pregnant after Medical Procedures for PCOS

by Sucharitha


It's been 2 years we got married. Before marriage I had irregular periods for 4-5 years. After marriage it got solved, though not 28 days. But I would get it every 30-35 days.

Last year June I got conceived naturally since I was going to gym, taking metformin so reduced little weight and conceived naturally. But I had a spontaneous abortion in the 8th week. After this, I didn't conceive even once.

In the scan, doctors said there were signs not of a typical PCOD, but small cyst existing, which doesn't indicate any major PCOD. (All my TSH, LH and FSH test results are normal no problem with these hormone tests).

2 months back I went to a fertility clinic. The doctor gave me treatment with Clomid and 6 FSH injections but no change at all. My follicles were just 1cm with multiple follicles, though a natural previous cycle I had a follicle size of 17mm while ovulating.

But with treatment, follicles were not growing; instead the doctor should see many small follicles so she suggested a laparoscopic surgery. I underwent this surgery 2 days back. She said there was no blockage, uterus was very healthy and she has drilled all the cysts on my ovaries. She also said chances of pregnancy are high now as only issue I had is cysts which she drilled out.

I am continuing with metformin. Please suggest to me, based on my history, what is the chance of my pregnancy? Also what I need to know what to do to conceive soon, as I am sometimes depressed and very anxious to get pregnant.

Appreciate your reply.


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why metformin?
by: PCOS Editor

I can't understand why your doctor is continuing to prescribe metformin even though your insulin levels are normal, you are not overweight and apparently do not exhibit the symptoms of insulin resistance.

Metformin is for treating insulin resistance. It is not intended as a general medication to help you become pregnant.

I would be a good idea to inform yourself about metformin and then ask your doctor WHY it is being prescribed.

not overweight
by: Sucharitha

I am not overweight. I am around 55.5 to 56 with 163 cms height.

My insulin hormone level has been tested and it's normal, but still my doctor has suggested that I take metformin.

I will get my Vitamin D tested . Thanks a lot for the information.


Some Suggestions
by: PCOS Editor

I can't predict whether you will become pregnant or not. There are just too many factors involved.

You didn't say whether you are overweight. If you are overweight, even a small amount of weight loss can increase your chances of conceiving.

Since you're taking metformin, I imagine you have insulin resistance. That is what metformin is for. You can reduce insulin resistance naturally by changing your diet (such as stop eating white rice) and increasing your exercise.

I would also advise that you get a vitamin D test. If your vitamin D is too low, you could have trouble conceiving.

For some other ideas you can visit this web page and this one.

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