Do Environmental Chemicals Contribute to PCOS?

There's hardly any research we look at that is more concerning and disturbing than how man-made environmental compounds are damaging our health and jeopardizing future generations -- and making PCOS much worse than it has to be. I think we have reached a point where inaction is no longer a viable option.

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Fungicides, plastics, pesticides, herbicides and other harmful chemicals are everywhere in our environment, disrupting hormones, impairing cell function, damaging the genetic code of our cells, or altering fetal programming so that our future children will end up with diseases when they become adults. Unfortunately, nearly every person on the planet appears to be carrying some body burden of man-made chemicals.

Even though the chemical problem is both invisible and overwhelming, each one of us needs to act right now to minimize our exposure.

OK, so where do we start?  Read these articles for some ideas on what to do.

Are You Polluted with Hormone-Disrupting Chemicals?

There are roughly 80,000 chemicals in our environment. At least 800 of them are suspected to be capable of disrupting your hormones. This is shocking news and is likely to be one reason for your difficulties with polycystic ovarian syndrome.

It appears that nearly all of us are carrying a body burden of some of these chemicals.

Is This Chemical the Darth Vader in Your Diet?

Roundup has our vote as the potential Darth Vader in your foods for several reasons.

Maybe you have some Roundup around the house for getting rid of those pesky weeds. But that's not what you need to be worried about. Rather, it's the vast tonnage of Roundup that is spraying on the food crops that you eat every day.

A recent research article showed a significant correlation between the increasing use of Roundup on GMO crops and 22 chronic diseases.

More details here.

Were You "Programmed" to Have PCOS?

If -- no matter how hard you try -- you continue to have trouble getting your period, can't lose weight, or have problems with hair growth, then maybe your brain and organs were altered before you were born. This problem is referred to as "fetal programming".

Read more here.

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