WOW! - I'm sold!

(Depoe Bay, OR, USA)

I had been struggling for about 8 years with a variety of symptoms: gaining weight easily, an inability to lose weight, acne, hair loss, hair growth along my jawline, excessive oily face and scalp, hyperpigmentation, multiple lipomatosis, insulin resistance, intra-hepatic fatty infiltrations of the liver, sugar cravings, excessive apetite,high blood pressure, etc, etc.

It had taken me years to put things together.

I had been diagnosed with an ovarian cyst in 2000, but it didn't mean much to me at the time.

My entire life I had been thin, healthy, active, and did not worry about my health.

Then things started to fall apart.

Fortunately, I was able to conceive and after the birth of my daughter my problems began.

I had a painful cyst eruption, the excessive oiliness began, and my periods became very irregular. I knew it had to be something hormonal, but I wasn't sure.

Finally, I brought all of my "evidence" to my OBGYN and he diagnosed me with PCOS.

On your site I saw ALL of my symptoms! This HAD to be the answer!!

After researching other books, yours sounded the most complete. As soon as I got it I read every page thoroughly.

I was so skeptical about not eating what I had grown up believing was Healthy.

No nonfat dairy? No whole grains? I was so overweight, but ate "healthy" and did not eat more than anyone I knew.

I had tried MANY plans like The Zone and Burn the Fat so I was open to try ANYTHING that might work.

After I began the recommendations in your book I noticed a difference in just 2 days.

My oiliness was nearly gone, my skin was clearing up, my appetite was NORMAL, and my food cravings were gone.

Everything makes sense to me. Eliminate the foods that cause spikes in my insulin and my blood sugar will stabilize.

Since I was no longer getting calcium from dairy I have substituted it with calcium-rich dark greens.

I also got a sprouting kit and started including eating sprouts this week. I had no idea they were so much healthier than just vegetables alone! My kids love them, too!

I have been keeping a chart and in 4 weeks I have lost 9 pounds!!

I am so excited and I truly feel that you have given me the answer that I have been searching for.

It is working for me and that's what matters. Thank you so much!

I finally believe that I will get healthy and lose all 60 excess pounds due to the information in your book.

I would hope to one day personally thank you. When I do lose all of the weight I will include before and after photos. Thank you for this life saving information!


Editor's comments: Laura, congratulations on your progress!! There's still a lot of work ahead. Just keep at it and you will see lasting results. There will be ups and downs. Don't worry. Just continue your good health practices. You will look and feel more attractive, more vibrant and full of life. Your hormones will be more balanced. You will avoid the long term risks of PCOS, such as heart disease and diabetes. You will live a longer life. You will set a good example for your family. It's all very exciting! Keep going!

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by: Anonymous

Hi Laura,
I was wondering how your progress has been? Do you still have cysts even after the weight loss? I was diagnosed with pcos 5 years ago and my grandmother took me to her naturopath in Mexico who gave me some teas that I took for 8 weeks and I was cyst free for two years!!! I thought I was cured so I failed to take care of myself and two years later got them back and my beloved regular menses became painful and irregular. I have the luck of being a nurse and working for a doctor that gives me access to ultrasounds as I need them. I haven't gone back to Mexico due to the violence so I'm trying to keep my diet good and exercise. Also I'm pregnant but I know that's not a cure for pcos. I'm afraid to become sicker after pregnancy. Please tell me how you are doing with your progress and if you are taking additional supplements.

by: Laura B.

I went back to my OBGYN and the ultrasound confirmed my ovaries are covered in small cysts. I have kept to the PCOS Diet plan and am working out in some form nearly every day! I am taking supplements and eating healthier than ever. So far I have lost 25 pounds. I have more self confidence now and know that I will continue on this track for the rest of my life. I really appreciate the information you provide in your free newsletters, too. Thank you so much for that! I have 30 - 35 pounds to go and I know I will get there!

by: Irene

Great Story Laura!

I hope you stay committed to this new lifestyle and that you will succeed in losing weight!

Keep us posted on your progess.

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