Worried Dad - 15 Year Old Daughter Has PCOS

I was just told my 15 year old daughter has PCOS.

I was scared, for her daddy's little girl is sick. After reading all these stories I now know that we will get through this.

I want to thank you all for giving the info you gave. Today is the first day of a long journey and I will be thinking of all your comments and tips along the way.

God bless all of you and thanks again.

Proud Dad.


Editor's comments: Hi, Proud Dad,

I can imagine it's quite distressing for a Dad or a Mom to discover their young daughter has PCOS.

Her doctor has probably prescribed or recommended birth control pills. Not every teenager is thrilled with the idea of taking birth control pills for the next 5, 10 or even 20 years. Secondly, one has to wonder how wise it is to put a growing young female on a steady diet of artificial hormones.

PCOS is genetic predisposition toward a certain hormonal and metabolic pattern that manifests as the symptoms of polycystic ovary syndrome.

Fortunately, this pattern can, in most cases, be managed by improving the diet and increasing the amount and intensity of exercise. The modern foods most of us are eating today (especially teenagers) throw our hormones out of balance, which gives PCOS a foothold.

What you want to do is not give PCOS a foothold at all.

A better diet might include:
1) More fish and/or fish or marine oils.
2) 5 servings of whole vegetables per day.
3) Some protein at each meal.
4) No baked goods (no bread, bagels, muffins, cookies, pies, cakes, etc.).
5) No ready-to-eat breakfast cereal.
6) No processed, convenience foods.
7) No soft drinks of any kind except sparkling water.
8) No white rice.
9) No fast foods such as hamburger and fries.

Try these 9 steps for six months and see what happens.

She will need to increase her exercise! Help her find a way to do that. Can she get involved in sports? Or a hiking group? Go on family bicycle rides? The whole family should put on their thinking caps and figure out how everyone can be more physically active.

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