What if you've tried EVERYTHING and had no success? Do you NOT COUNT here either?

I'm so glad that the biggest problem people here have had to face is "being on the pill" or "just wanted to have a bay-bee" or some such.

I've always had an utterly perfect LIFESTYLE: college athlete, then a personal trainer, now an exercise physiologist.

I'm a REAL scientist, even!

My diet? Better than anyone's. I was raised by the Food Nazi and as an adult can't remember the last carb I had or piece of plastic or non-organic food I touched.

And still: I have chest hair. No periods.

Too sick to even LUXURIATE in the bliss that must be "TRYING" to have kids. I just started growing sideburns. Pretty sure I have a vagina still, though, so that's a start right?

I've tried the prescriptions, all of them, lots of them, together and in isolation.

I've tried the OTC "cures," also together and in isolation.

No one does methodical like I do. I suppose it must be a personal failing OF MINE that they didn't work? Something I didn't do? Something I did do?

A riddle I'm supposed to guess at and ha ha if I don't guess right?

Nearly 40 years and nothing's helped, it has only gotten worse. I have tried harder than anyone I know, and if that's the criteria - I DESERVE TO BE OKAY more than anyone's who's posted here.

I HOPE MORE THAN ANYTHING it's real for you. I hope it doesn't all go to hell again. I hope you don't wake up and discover you've turned into your father in law even though you did EVERYTHING right.


Editor's comments: I can sense your utter frustration.

First of all, the fact that you have not achieved the desired results does not mean there is no way to move forward toward some degree of success. It appears that so far you have discovered many things that do NOT work.

But have you exhausted all the possibilities?

For example, just to pick one thing, do you know your vitamin D status? Have you had a vitamin D test lately? Were the results in the mid-range or higher? If not, then you have just identified something that you can do to improve your situation.

Or, how do you know that you are not insulin resistant? That is something you would want to rule out.

There are plenty of areas to be investigated…and corrected if necessary.

It seems to me you need to find a knowledgeable health professional to work with on an extended basis. The only physicians I know of who have the time to thoroughly review your situation and offer you a comprehensive treatment recommendations are licensed naturopathic physicians. Maybe you can find one in your area, from this directory: www.naturopathic.org.

I also wonder about what you're eating. If you're not eating carbs, then what are you eating instead? What is the composition of your essential fatty acid intake?

I also wonder whether you have any adrenal, thyroid or liver malfunction.

PCOS is quite difficult and complex to deal with without the involvement of one or more physicians who are experienced and will take the time to do a decent diagnostic workup and do some deep thinking about how to best help you. Of course, these folks are rare. But they are out there somewhere.

Finally, give yourself a break. Acknowledge that you have done the very best you can. Please be kind to yourself and focus on the things in your life that are good and going right. I hope you can accept who you are in this present moment.

I'm sorry I can't be more helpful but this venue is very limited. I am working on some ideas to provide more help to you and others like you, which I hope to announce this Spring.

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