Weight Loss Can Help Bring Your Periods Back Naturally!

by Lola

My name is Lola, and I am 24. I was diagnosed with PCOS back when I was around 16 due to complaining of absent/irregular periods.

I actually cannot remember the last time I had a natural period. For a while I was on the pill (Yasmin) but I wasn't keen on the idea of taking the pill as whenever I came off them I still didn't get a period plus it just felt very unnatural, so I stopped taking them and this was probably about 4/5 years ago.

Just over two years ago I saw a gynecologist who prescribed me some pills to induce a period like bleed just because she said it wasn't healthy to not bleed for so long, I used one course of pills and had a period like bleed and after that I never had a period (I was also prescribed metformin but that did not help).

To be honest I was a lot carefree about the situation due to my doctor fobbing me off and telling me not to worry about my lack of periods and once I was ready to start trying for a baby we could take it from there.

And I equally convinced myself that when I was ready I'd take the situation more seriously.

Then 3 months ago, I decided I wanted to sort out this mess, as I was also in a serious relationship. So, with the help of my doctor and research I realised that there was a chance that if I lost weight (as I am severely overweight) that my period may naturally return.

In my first month I lost about 10kg and 6 weeks in still no signs of my period (which was really unmotivated but I still kept trying to be maintain some sort of balanced lifestyle). Then I started to worry so I went back to my doctor who explained that I should go for another set of blood test to check my hormones because he said even if I lost weight and my hormones were significantly unbalanced then my period would still not return.

But I am happy to say on the same day I went and got my blood test taken my period started! (I want to add that it was first brown discharge then by then next day it was light blood). I know this is not a pregnancy success story but it is the first step in that direction and it is a lot for me since I probably haven't had a natural period in almost 7 years or so. I am not consciously trying for a baby but I won't be using any contraception, so hopefully one day I may be back to announce a pregnancy!

I just wanted to share this as a sign of hope for my fellow PCOS with absent periods. xx

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Congrats on your progress!
by: PCOS Editor

Hi Lola,

Well done! Scientific research indicates that losing even just 5%-10% of your fat weight could be enough to restore a period.

In addition to the weight loss, check your vitamin D level. Since you live in the UK (where you don't get a lot of overhead sun exposure), I suspect you may have a vitamin D deficiency. If you correct the deficiency with supplemental vitamin D, your chances for a more normal cycle are greatly improved. Try to get your vitamin D level to the mid-range of normal, around 50 or so.

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