Weight gain impossible!

by Rebecca

I do not have PCOS, but am very interested in it and am learning about it.

But I do have a problem that I would like to know if you could at least refer me to someone or something. I am a woman in my twenties, and as I am a nutrition/herbalist student, I like to do things naturally.

My BMI is 18, and I really need to gain some weight, but I don't want to be a big-time body builder. I've tried to do some research on-line on what exercises I can do to gradually build muscle that isn't too strenuous on my back to begin with. (I had really bad whip-lash a year ago as a result of a volleyball accident)

I'm also getting a lot on conflicting information on diet. I will not take any kind of "miracle pills", as I prefer to treat things mainly with diet and exercise.

Can you refer me to some good sites or books, or possibly give me some information?

I know most people have problems losing weight, but there are some of us out there who have problems gaining it.

Thanks for your help!


Editor's comments: It seems to me that weight-bearing or other "resistance" exercises would be helpful for weight gain.

As you know, muscle is much heavier than fat, so therefore increasing muscle mass is an excellent way to gain weight. You do not have to be a "bigger" person, just a more "fit" person. Keep in mind that muscle cells take up less physical space than fat cells do. So you can heavier in terms of weight but without a much larger body.

However, because of your injury, I might suggest resistance exercise that are controlled and highly customized in such a way as to not exacerbate your whiplash injury. Whiplash injuries can take a very long time to completely heal.

One controlled resistance exercise option is called "Gyrotonic".

Gyrotonic focuses on optimizing body mechanics, not muscle building.

You can usually find several Gyrotonic exercise studios in major metropolitan areas. Gyrotonic is favored by dancers who have injured themselves.

You could have a consultation with a Gyrotonic instructor to determine whether a program can be developed to meet your needs. Gyrotonic instructors go through a very rigorous training process. They are very competent. Don't be intimidated by the video on the Gyrotonic site. You will not be doing the very advanced techniques shown in the video.

As for your diet, we recommend you consume a good variety of whole foods.

We would agree that pharmaceuticals and body-building supplements are not necessary.

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Weight gain advice
by: Gemma

Email me on gemmamagnusson[at]gmail.com

I can help you with some tips on gaining weight


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