Vitex, Why Didn't I Find You Before?

by Tiffanie

(Summary: I totally feel in control of things and wholeheartedly suggest taking chasteberry pills for PCOS. It definitely is helping me.)

My name is Tiffanie. I'm 24 years old. I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was just a freshman/sophomore in college. It was an incredibly difficult time for me not only because I was making transitions to college but I was taking responsibilities of becoming an adult. One of those responsibilities included going to see an ObGyn and taking care of my health.

Unfortunately, finding out that something was wrong with my body was traumatic enough. I was going through many body image issues, had episodic bulimia and years of anorexia in my history but was in total denial.

On top of these health issues, I was confused as to why as much as I dieted and exercised I could never look like the typical model on television or magazines. My size 0-2 friends could eat anything they want like pizzas, chocolate and ice cream and still weigh a mere 100 lbs while still having beautiful clear skin.

Well, after several visits to different doctors, ObGyns, dermatologists and even flying across the world - the Philippines - to visit a specialist over a span of 3 years, all diagnosis were true. I had PCOS and I think had finally come to terms with it.

I was still embarrassed because of the effects the testosterone had on me. I couldn't understand why I had this when I was so young. In any case, I stopped going to my university for nursing for several reasons, my health being at the foremost reason.

I had gotten depressed while in school and thought I should come home to my parents so someone could take care of me. In essence, I realized I was too hard on myself in every way and not treating my body to things that it truly deserved.

I was starving it, feeding it junk food, torturing it with excessive exercise and living unhappily while doing this. It was a horrible combination. However, there is a silver lining behind all these events.

I realize the capacities of the medical system, found friends and even relatives whom I now feel bonded to on deeper levels. Moreover, I now truly understand what it means to take care of myself. Although my weight has always fluctuated throughout the years, it has remained steady for the past couple months. Moreover, I am learning that I may never be size 2 or be a swimsuit model but I can be healthy and enjoy myself and other people.

I never liked the idea of taking birth control pills or glucophage/metformin for my PCOS; I had always looked for other health alternatives and in doing so have greatly improved my healthy eating choices and my exercise regimen. The results have been great
I have lost 20 lbs over 3 months. I think I have gained 10 lbs. I learned that I may have a mercury toxic build up from my mercury fillings. I am thus in process of looking for dental healthcare provider who will use composites without mercury. Hopefully, this will speed up my metabolism.

Moreover, my menstruation has always been irregular since I was twelve years old and has caused me great anxiety due to its unpredictability. However, now I take Vitex for almost 2 weeks and I have my period as I type this. Hormonal imbalance maybe? I'm not sure but I totally feel in control of things and wholeheartedly suggest taking chasteberry pills for PCOS. It definitely is helping me. It is one less thing to worry about

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Vitex quality varies greatly
by: PCOS Editor

We have a very high quality, lab-tested vitex extract. Unfortunately, it is not available outside the United States. The problem with any herbal extract such as vitex is that the quality of some products is extremely poor and therefore it has no effect.

I'm sorry, but I don't know what is available in the Philippines. You will have to ask people if they know of a good source.

We have a few customers who live outside the United States. In this case, we ship the order to a relative or friend who is living in the United States. The customer then arranges with the relative or friend to get the product to the foreign country.

by: Anonymous


by: Abe Torkelton

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