Ups and Downs with PCOS: What Worked for Me

by Pam

This is regarding the article you posted on the issue of mood disorders and PCOS.

I am a woman that has dealt with PCOS in the good and the bad and even have the PCOS diet book and am a loyal reader of your articles.

I know firsthand how PCOS can affect us mentally and I was not surprised when you mentioned that no one knew what caused depression in PCOS women.

I told a doctor I work with how a week or two before my period I would become withdrawn and depressed and even hostile at times. I told him that I suffered from severe PMS.

He asked me if that is really true or was it all just in my head. I couldn't believe it! Here was one of the most respected and successful doctors I knew, and he had no clue about the emotional issues hormone imbalances caused. I even thought he was right because it became a part of me.

Two weeks I was bloated, tired and emotionally disturbed, the other two weeks after my period I was happy, slim, and emotionally healthy and happy. One time I didn't get my period for two months and I remember praying to God to help me keep my cool and not attack anyone because I felt I wanted to physically fight everyone!!! As soon as I got my period, all went back to normal.

Well I went to a naturopath in Mexico who gave me some teas and told me to stay away from sugars. I didn't really stay away from sugars but I did drink the teas religiously and in desperation. The treatment lasted three months and on the second month of treatment I had not one cyst and my ovaries had shrunk from 7 cm to 3 cm in size. I and my doctor were appalled.

I finished my treatment and was normal and healthy for almost 3 years! My period would come every 29 days and my weight would come off easily and my hair grew back. I looked great! I felt great!

I started drinking and smoking and eating all that I wanted and sleeping late and partying and then guess what?

My symptoms gradually started again!!!! I thought I was cured!!!! Anyway, I couldn't go back to Mexico due to the violence so I went to my doctor again who gave me Glucophage and birth control because my hemoglobin A1c was 6.2.

I felt horrible for two weeks and changed doctors.

This time I went to a reproductive endocrinologist. The best in town. She told me that if I didn't want to take Glucophage that my diet was gonna have to be extremely low carb and natural. I followed her diet which was low carb and low fat for about a month and then voilĂ , I get pregnant!!! I was floored!

I went back to tell her the good news and the receptionist said she had fallen ill and had retired. I could never thank her for her help. She had told me that since my cysts had returned I would have to take Clomid in order to conceive so I didn't worry about birth control or anything because I figured I couldn't get pregnant anyway! It was a pleasant and beautiful surprise because my baby girl is seven months now and is healthy and gorgeous with dark big eyes and blondish hair.

As far as my cysts, I don't know if they have returned. I finally got my period after 6 months of breast feeding and I did notice my mood change drastically and my belly became big and bloated.

I don't want to go back to the same torture so am starting to implement a low carb diet again but this time it's a lot harder with the baby and all.

Anyway, in response to your article about causes of depression, in my experience, the only thing to blame is the change in hormones. If my hormones are balanced so is my mind. I hope this helps somebody.


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