Trusted My Instincts, Took Natural Approach to PCOS

by Ana

I was diagnosed with PCOS at the age of 21 (1994) after years of wondering why I had excess body and facial hair, oily skin and irregular periods. The first doctor prescribed the pill and an androgen drug which I took for 7 months. The drugs made me depressed.

When I asked the doctor how long I would need to continue, his reply was, "I have patients who have been on the drugs for 10 years and are happy with the results." I said, "WHAT!"

My instinct told me something was not right, and I immediately went off the drugs. My periods never returned for a year and I gained 15 kilos (about 33 lbs.). This made me even more depressed.

I then went for a second opinion, and the second doctor was even worse than the first.

After listening to my story, he prescribed a different type of drug. My response was, "Aren’t you listening to me? I do not want to take drugs." He so coldly told me that if I did not take the drugs, my condition would get worse, MUCH WORSE. I stormed out of the surgery, angry with the medical profession, deciding to do my own research.

My periods came back a couple of months after visiting the second doctor in 1995. I then went on a healthy, high-fibre diet (cereals, beans, salads, meat, fish). I walked and exercised 4 times a week. I reduced my food intake and sugary food. I cut out chicken as it is injected with male hormones. I especially cut out CAFFEINE and sugary drinks. I have read that caffeine is not good for women with PCOS, and I do believe that.

Guess what?

I lost 15 kilos in 3 months, my hair improved, and my skin improved. I felt healthier. Unfortunately my hirsutism did not go away, but the hair growth did reduce, is thinner and is now manageable. I found that laser treatment is successful in treating facial hair problems.

I am in my early 30s now, and I am 5 months pregnant after only a year of trying without any medical intervention or drugs. That is quite good considering that it takes some couples years, and I am in my 30s.

So, ladies, don’t give up. I was originally diagnosed with a mild to severe form of PCOS. My testosterone levels were higher than the average male (that’s right, MALE). I TRULY BELIEVE that PCOS can be cured or managed with a healthy diet, exercise, and NO PRESCRIPTION DRUGS.

I am a living example. I am looking forward to having more children.


Ed. Note: Congratulations on taking responsibility for your own health and taking action! It can change your life.

For those of you who aren't sure what to do about polycystic ovary syndrome, we suggest you read our book, which gives you tools for managing PCOS in a natural way.

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Thank You
by: Christna

Reading your article helped me a lot. After visiting 3 differnt doctors I finally got diagnosed with PCOS and insulin resistancey. After that I have had a hard time finding any doctors in my area that know how to treat PCOS with anything besides metformin. my whole life i have been strongly against pharmaceuticals. Every doctor I spoke with said it will be imposbible for me to lose weight or get pregnant without the drugs. I have only been excersissing for a month and I just started the insulin resistance diet but i have already dropped 5 lbs. I was really starting to get discouraged but knowing there are other women out there refusing to take a pill for the rest of there life and still getting results makes me a lot more confident that I can do with with diet and excersise. So thank you for shareing your story!

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