Trust in your Allah and never lose hope

by Kanwal Firdose
(Islamabad, Pakistan)

Just after one year of my married life I was diagnosed with PCOS. In the beginning it was really not a big concern for me that why I was not conceiving but gradually it became a serious matter of my life.

Everything was just incomplete with empty lap. Most of the time I was disappointed after taking long treatment. Sometimes all of these efforts seemed in vain.

Once I decided and just gave up all of the medicine and just focused on one thing to loss 15 kg of my weight. Besides that I never lost hope and trust in my beloved God.

Whenever I was sad I used to see success stories on net and accumulated my energies and strength which was gradually slowing. Being a Muslim I have had a strong belief system that every thing is in hand of Allah.

So I just kept myself in hands of destiny with strong believe on my creator. Just after 3 years of my married life I kept my self on fasting in Ramadan with word of YAMASVIRO 21 times in after and have deepest pray from Allah at that moments.

After eight months with my strong dieting I reduced exactly 15 kg. Can you imagine it was just a magic finally I conceived in Ramadan. I was having very safe pregnancy by the grace of Allah. Now I got a son ALLHAMDULLIAH.

its my strategy of life when something is not in your extent just render yourself to your creator and always trust on prayer. Nothing is impossible in the world.

Now my life is just like a luminar sky of happiness by the grace of Allah. May Allah shower his blessings upon every infertile couple. Amen



Editor's comments: For those of you with PCOS and who believe in prayer, it is something to consider as part of your overall strategy for improved health. You can also consider the power of others praying for you, as in this study of intercessory prayer and infertility.

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Food for dieting
by: Anonymous

Can you please tell what food you ate while dieting?

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