This Is hopefully the start of my success story with your feedback.

My PCOS is driving me crazy. I have been constantly irregular since I first started Menstruating at the age of 11. At first id just have odd cycles, but as I got older and older my cycles got less and less.

I believed it was stress and my parents told me I was young and that I should give my body time to adjust with the stress and my development as I grew into a teenager. Then I skipped two entire years!

I remember one day, I was literally paralyzed, my abdomen hurt so much and I couldn't move. I was taken to the hospital and the pain eventually went away, and after two years I got my period the next day.

Again my parents said it was stress and that I should give my body time to adjust, I was only 15 after all. Well needless to say I reached 18 years of age with very few periods coming at the most unpredictable times I decided to do some research.

As we all know, I was diagnosed with PCOS I am now 19 years old, and I was diagnosed with it last year through an ultra sound.

Unfortunately the doctors here are not familiar with the condition so I was prescribed BCP to give my endometrium a break and to regulate my period. I have taken those for 6 months, and when I stopped so did my menstruating.

My mother decided to put me on Vitex (Chasteberry) 4 mg everyday, In the 1 year I took vitex everyday I only resumed about 6 periods with unpredictable cycles and all very extremely light spotting for about two days only. I still continue taking vitex but I have now skipped 4 months.

I decided to get an endocrinologist and she had a full blood test taken. I have high cholesterol good and bad, low estrogen and high testosterone. My estrogen levels are within the normal range but I was on the low end, and my testosterone was within the normal range too but it was on the high end.

I was tested for diabetes none, but no other tests for insulin resistance has been tested. I got an ultra sound and there appeared to be no more cysts in my left ovary but I had about 5 on my right ovary. My thyroid is fine and all my hormones and blood chemistry are all at a healthy range.

After showing these tests to my ob gyne and endocrinologist, they decided to prescribe me metformin (Imp on 1500 mg a day with no side effects fortunately) as well as the BCP yaz, both of which are supposed to balance my hormones.

I'm just so lost and I feel dirty taking so much medication on top of my vitex, multi vitamins, and now met and BCP. I'm just wondering how long till I know the metformin will work, I've been on it for two weeks, and I hear counter arguments that BCP aggravates PCOS or it helps fix it. I'm getting paranoid about weight gain, especially around my midsection (it seems to be getting bigger); I am a bit hairy, with very oily skin but no acne, thinning hair since I was a child, with highly irregular periods. What can i do?

I'm a vegetarian only eating fish, and I eat beef occasionally, I play soccer at least 4 times a week, I'm 5'3 and weight about 117-124 pounds depending how often I go tot the gym (muscle weight). I have 23% body fat which is supposed to be healthy. Is there any other answer I can have to help cure me? Its really unnerving, thank you for reading this very long article.


Ed. Comments:

You mention 4 mg of vitex for your PCOS and reported sporadic results. That isn't very much. The vitex we carry in our online store contains 750 mg per capsule, which would be much more potent.

Metformin is for reducing insulin resistance. Assuming that is your problem, it may take some time to take effect.

Another idea, that also helps reduce insulin resistance, is d-pinitol.

It's important that you reduce your glycemic load as explained in The Natural Diet Solution for PCOS and Infertility book. This is a problem especially for vegetarians.

Keep up the exercise!

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