These Oils Reduced My Carb Cravings

by Cassy

Thank you for compiling the PCOS newsletter all these years I really appreciate it. For myself I have found the most significant help from adding hemp oil and seabuckthorn fruit oil to my diet.

My cravings for carbohydrates completely go away I have more energy and sleep better. I also now have a regular period and have lost 30 kgs over the past 12 months.

PMS is significantly reduced and I find the SBT fruit oil reduces breast tenderness almost completely.

I also used to suffer from thrush and bladder infections but since taking the SBT it has completely gone.

These are two natural alternatives that really work for me and I have known about my PCOS since I was 21. Now I am 42 and found the hemp oil and SBT 2 years ago. Since then I have gone from a bed ridden mess to changing my entire life, hence the change in name. They are really worth you looking into.

Kind regards



Editor's comments..

Hi Cassy, thanks for sharing your experiences with these oils.

Sea buckthorn is a shrub found in Europe and Asia. Oil is extracted from the seeds or other portions of the plant. It is high in beneficial essential fatty acids and monounsaturated oils. It is also rich in vitamin E, beneficial pigments called "carotenoids", plant sterols, vitamin C, and polyphenols.

Hemp oil is made from hemp plant seeds. Some of these oils are "purified" for marketing purposes. A darker color oil would have more health benefits. Hemp oil is a good source of essential fatty acids.

I hadn't heard of their use for reducing carbohydrate cravings. Oils in general may tend to do that because they slow down the absorption of food components into the bloodstream, which would prevent an excessive and sudden increase in insulin.

Insulin control is central to the control of PCOS symptoms. Also, the elements of healthy oils affect cell function at a very basic level.

Does anyone else have experience with these oils?

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