There is hope!

by Ashley Adams
(Texas, USA)

My name is Ashley and I am 23 years old with PCOS. I really did not know what PCOS was. I just thought I was cursed and was meant to be a boy.

It took me years to start looking at myself as a young lady and not a freak.

My sister did not have this problem neither any other females in my family so I was basically alone.

I thank God for my religion because it was my hope and strength. Women who have PCOS do not talk enough about it and because of that the world is still ignorant of it and that scare the next generation of women who will have it.

I like this website because it allows us to talk about our problems with this disease but I wish there were many more, more elaborated and detail websites about PCOS.

There is no problem finding history or some common solution for helping with the abnormal outbreaks that comes with having PCOS. However there are no pictures of women with this or TV shows on television about PCOS. If anything, PCOS should be discussed or educated to people on the Discovery Health Channel.

Well back to my story I had to educate myself and find other women and young ladies who had what I had.

I went to the doctor and she told me that if I did not get any treatment the only job I could get would be at the circus.

What was so sad was I believed her for a long time. Until I realized if I do not love myself then no one else will.

I had to find inner peace within me and look in the mirror and find something on my body I was pleased with and one thing I was not pleased with and work on that one thing at a time.

The conditions I have (facial hair and obesity) did not happen overnight so I cannot cure or solve this problem I have overnight.

I went to another doctor and he put me on a blood pressure pill and metformin, 500mg to help with my weight.

I do shave daily to help with my facial hair. Yes, it is hard and you feel abnormal or a freak because of what today society call beauty.

Now when I look in the mirror I just don't see one thing that I like, I see three.

Of course, I am still big and sexy but I am confident.

Women, please find confidence within yourself. Do not find a solution for your problem to just please everyone else but yourself. I never had a cycle problem and I thank God for that I have regular menstrual periods. The only problem I am dealing with now is my weight and facial hair.

I am a black young woman with two tone skin color within my face but it is okay.

I hope this helps someone and also rebuild my strength. Believe me women, we are not alone with PCOS. If you get diagnosed with PCOS, it is okay. Educate yourself and find a support group. A person gets label and diagnosed with something everyday; either it is cancer or PCOS or obesity. It is up to that person to either claim it or not to become that label.

I decided I am not going to let PCOS or obesity or facial hair get me down. Besides, it is just obstacle in my life I have to overcome. God bless all of you!!!!!

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You are an awesome person
by: CM

Hi there,

I just wanted to say your inner beauty truly shines through on your post. You are a beautiful woman with a beautiful soul who took the time to write this and share with others.

PCOS is NOT going to beat us! You ARE beautiful, and you will have a beautiful family one day if you desire it!

God Bless you!

by: Ashlee Gabel

I loved this. She is right, PCOS shouldn't let you down, I have all the same symptoms, but I don't have a regular cycle, its ok though, because I am on meds to help that. But she is right, get a support group, love yourself, we are all beautiful people!

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