There Is Always Hope

Hi All,

I was diagnosed PCOD from last 3years. Hormone imbalance is what they told me. Very irregular periods.

My doctor put me on birth control pills along with ycyst (metformin) for 2 months; I was pregnant the following month.

We were very happy but around 6 weeks my baby did not have heart beat and I waited for 2weeks more with all hopes. But I miscarried.

After reading so much I have understood that PCOS women can easily get pregnant but keeping the pregnancy is a bit difficult but obviously possible.

Also my doctor had suggested vitamin D test and found that I was severely deficient.

I am now taking vitamin D, folic acid (helps against birth deformations) and also doc has suggested that with next pregnancy she will keep me on metformin (bit lower dose after getting pregnant) and progesterone from day one of pregnancy.

All the best. Speak to your doc. Hope is strength.

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Correct vitamin D deficiency for better pregnancy outcome
by: PCOS Editor

I'm sorry you had a miscarriage. The reasons for it are quite complex, but this article has a brief discussion of some of the factors involved.

Medical studies have shown that a vitamin D deficiency is a cause of pregnancy loss, especially in the first trimester. So, you will want to take supplemental vitamin D and get your level to the mid-range of normal before trying to become pregnant again. Keep testing your vitamin D level every 2-3 months until it is in the mid-range of normal, perhaps around 50 or so.

If your vitamin D level doesn't rise very much, you may need to significantly increase the daily doseage.

Glad to hear you were taking folic acid.

But also consider supplemental vitamin B12. Not only does it help to prevent birth defects, but taking metformin for a length of time tends to cause a vitamin B12 deficiency. So anyone taking metformin should take supplemental vitamin B12 regardless of whether they are pregnant or not.

There are a good number of prenatal nutritional supplement formulas out there. It's wise to take a prenatal formula because the developing fetus needs a wide variety of nutrients.

I think every woman with polycystic ovary syndrome should get a vitamin D test before trying to conceive. A deficiency is fairly easy to correct and will substantially increase the chances of a successful pregnancy.

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