The PCOS Diet really works!!!

by Jocelyn

I found out about a year ago that I have PCOS. I have always wanted to be a mom, and so I was worried about the idea that this might make it more difficult to get pregnant. Being I'm young, my husband and I are planning to wait a few years before trying.

The way I found out that I had PCOS is that when I came off the pill to start another method of birth control, I stopped getting my period. For 6 months, nothing. My doctor ran tests and told me it was PCOS and put me back on the pill so I would get my period.

After several months, I even stopped getting my period on the pill. So I spoke to my doctor again. She told me to stay off the pill for a few weeks and that if I didn't get it still, she would give me some progesterone again to start it, like she did a year ago.

When I went home after hearing that, I really got thinking. I had read the book and knew what the diet was, but had been a bit skeptical.

For one thing, maybe it wouldn't even work for me, and for another, how in the world could I give up bread and cheese?

But, I realized that my doctor had only given me a few weeks to get my period started before giving me more hormones (which I didn't like the sound of). So, I made the decision to cut out dairy and grains as much as I could, if not completely, and to also start taking chasteberry, which I had also read about in the book and had thought about taking previously.

I'll be honest. I didn't completely follow the diet. I picked several recipes that sounded good and did follow the diet to a "T" for the first week.

After that, a couple nights came where we were stuck out late and had to eat some fast food. I chose chicken salads and things of that nature and tried to be as healthy as possible.

I was religious with the chasteberry, taking only 250mg each morning.

After the first few days I already began to feel my body returning to normal.

Some parts of a regular cycle (things that will go unnamed) began to start up again. I hadn't felt that normal in at least 2 years!

I began to get excited, but tried not to get my hopes up. I allowed this excitement to propel me to continue to follow the diet as closely as possible.

There were days when I had a couple pieces of cheese or a few crackers, but I was really very good about following the diet as closely as possible. (I'm a cheese fanatic, so it's hard to give it up completely.)

Now, just four weeks later, I have my period full blast.

No hormones or other medicinal remedies, just diet and chasteberry. I can't believe it!

This diet is very effective, to work in only four weeks and bring my body back to the normalcy it hasn't felt in two years!

It is just amazing to me how my period was almost nothing for two years, and now with just four weeks of dieting I am back to the way it was when I was 10 years younger!

This gives me sooo much hope! Maybe getting pregnant won't be difficult at all!


Editor's comments: Congratulations, Jocelyn!! In spite of doubts and temptations, you have discovered that you can be in charge of your health destiny.

The book Jocelyn refers to is The Natural Diet Solution for PCOS and Infertility.

As for difficulty in stopping cheese consumption, that is partly because cheese is very high in casomorphins. Casomorphins are addictive opioids found in cow's milk. The purpose of the casomorphins is to help the growing baby calf to bond with the mother's milk, which is the calf's key to survival and growth.

The opioids are only one reason why we don't include dairy products in the recommended diet for PCOS. Cow's milk is designed for the rapid growth of baby cows, not for the rapid growth of humans.

You didn't mention exercise. Although an appropriate diet is crucial, so is exercise. Exercise and physical activity work hand in had with a healthy diet to produce a body that is balanced and fully functional.

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