The diet of all diets

by J

No doubt that this diet is challenging but also rewarding when the weight finally starts coming off and energy levels rise!!

The biggest adjustment was incorporating meat into almost every meal (before I only ate meat for a couple of meals during the week). This book is very informational and pretty thorough in its explanations on why you should eat more of certain foods and less of others.

A couple of things that I would change about the book:

So why can't some PCOS people eat bananas? On page 81, the authors explain that bananas often get a bum rap but they actually have a low glycemic index and are even on the recommended level shopping list (Chapter 12.2). But in Chapter 8.10 bananas are not included with the 'recommended' or 'maintenance 'level lists but rather they are listed under 'Inappropriate Foods (For Some of You)- Minimize or Avoid' without any further explanation.

Poor choice in glossing over why bananas, one of the most common and inexpensive fruits found in every grocery store, may not be a good idea for some PCOS people!!! Why should bananas be excluded from someone's diet?!? Who exactly should not be eating bananas?!? Any feedback/additional resources would be great, since I have opted not to eat any bananas until I find out if they are not doing me any favors in regards to my health!!

The second thing I would change is providing page numbers instead of a worthless asterisk on items on the 30 day meal plan.

And for the pdf version of the book, why not hyperlink the meals to the recipes on each day? That way someone can just click on a meal and go directly to a recipe or know what page number a recipe is listed. I have wasted a lot of time thumbing through the recipe sections trying to find several recipes listed on for each day to create a shopping list and to cook the meals.

Lastly, liver and onions...really?? Has anyone really cooked and able to eat this recipe? I tried it and it was not gross! I will say that the recipes, with of course the exception of liver and onions, are really good and the variation is great. We have especially enjoyed the rabbit dishes and the smoothies!

Thanks for writing and researching this valuable book that has helped me change my dietary habits for a healthier lifestyle and will hopefully help me to conceive w/o medications!!


Editor's comments: Thanks for your excellent feedback about The Natural Diet Solution for PCOS and Infertility.

Thanks for pointing out the inconsistencies about bananas. I think part of the problem is that some of us tend to prefer fruit over vegetables. Fruit is convenient. Fruit is sweet. Vegetables are not. So it's easy to not eat enough vegetables and eat a lot of fruit and think we are doing the best thing. For some women with PCOS, consuming a lot of fruit can cause trouble because they are carbohydrate intolerant or have an exaggerated insulin response to increased blood sugar.

There is nothing inherently wrong with eating bananas. We don't see any problem with having them occasionally in moderation, provided that you do not have a serious issue with insulin resistance.

In addition, whether bananas are a good thing or a not-so-good thing has to be taken in the context of the entire diet.

Please keep in mind that the PCOS diet book is only a set of recommendations or guidelines. Every woman can experiment a little with other foods or different food combinations, since every woman is genetically unique and has a unique set of health circumstances.

We agree the ebook needs to be improved. Among other things, it is much too long and unwieldy.

Liver and onions…yes….well, that's a recipe that is hard to love. ;-) We may remove it.

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