Is There Rocket Fuel in Your Vitamins?

Perchlorate is a chemical in our environment. Although some occurs naturally, most of it is produced by humans for use in rocket fuel, fireworks, natural fertilizers, flares, slurry explosives, and auto airbags.

The problem with perchlorate is that it interferes with the transport of iodine from the blood into the thyroid gland. The iodine is needed for the production of thyroid hormone. So if you're continually exposed to perchlorate, your thyroid hormone production could be impaired.

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Optimal thyroid function is necessary to ensure a successful pregnancy and avoidance of risk of birth defects, especially for a person with PCOS. It is also necessary for balancing your energy and hormones as well as managing weight.

As with all environmental chemicals, it's to your advantage to reduce your exposure to perchlorate.

Here's one place where you wouldn't expect it: in the nutritional supplements you're taking.

Unfortunately, the Water Quality Research and Development Department of Southern Nevada Water Authority reported the presence of perchlorate in 20 of 31 nutritional supplements they purchased in two large cities and then tested.

Hidden Threat to Pregnancy and Your Child?

The highest level of perchlorate was found in a supplement recommended for pregnant women as a prenatal nutritional supplement. Of the 31 dietary supplements investigated, 12 were specifically marketed for pregnant women and children.

In some of the supplements, the daily oral dose of perchlorate is as high as 18 micrograms per day, if you consumed the recommended dose of the supplement. The National Academy of Sciences has estimated a "safe" maximum daily exposure of 0.7 micrograms per kilogram body weight per day. But in my opinion, there is NO "safe" level of ANY toxic or hormone-disrupting environmental pollutant.

There is no excuse for any manufacturer to allow perchlorate, toxic metals, or any other environmental chemical in their supplements. Especially a prenatal formula! But many manufacturers and marketers of supplements don't want to go to the expense and inconvenience of making sure their products are free of contaminants. It's fine for them to make a profit, but don't let it be at the expense of your health.

Please don't be fooled by an attractive label, glowing testimonials, enticing sales copy or dirt-cheap prices. The fact is, you have no idea what's actually inside the product.

We have an online store specializing in supplements for PCOS. These products have been vetted for purity and potency.

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Source: Snyder SA et al. Perchlorate and chlorate in dietary supplements and flavor enhancing ingredients. Anal Chim Acta. 2006 May 10;567(1):26-32

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