Sugar cravings!!!!!!

I have been dealing with PCOS for a very long time. I was actually diagnosed with it in 2006. I struggled with infertility (for two babies) and a slew of other symptoms related to PCOS.

I have had great success with your book and diet, but there is one thing I still struggle with and that is overcoming my sugar cravings.

I don't believe that people without PCOS quite understand just how strong the cravings can be and just how very hard they are to resist.

Is there anything that can help when I am trying to eliminate refined sugars and carbs from my diet?

I have tried and failed many times and I keep going back to just giving in to satisfy those sugar desires.

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by: Anonymous

I have recently used a Chromium supplement and it has helped with sugar cravings. Hope it helps

Solutions for Sugar Cravings
by: PCOS site editor

Excellent question.

I completely agree that most people don't know that women with PCOS frequently have dysregulation of their appetite hormones. The trouble with going on a sugar binge, however, is that the appetite regulation hormones are thrown into further disarray. It's like pouring gasoline on a fire in an attempt to put it out.

So what can be done about this?

As least for me, when I eat something unhealthy, I do it strictly for emotional comfort. When I'm stressed or anxious, the first thing I want to do is put something into mouth. So before you go "unconscious" and start eating, check in with your emotional state. Ask yourself, "what am I feeling right now?" And, "how will I feel after I eat this?" I'm guessing that most people feel guilty and a bit ashamed that they gave in and gobbled down a big handful of candies or had two pieces of chocolate cake. So always check in with your feelings, just before you put that thing into your mouth.

The next thing to do is not have the offending items in your home or office. If they aren't convenient, you probably won't eat them.

After finishing a meal, immediately get up and brush your teeth. Doing so gives your taste buds a cue that eating time is finished.

Another tip is to exercise. If you're feeling the urge for sweets and you're not really hungry, stand up, go outside and walk down to the end of the block and back. If you still have the craving, then have something sweet that is relatively healthy.

Healthier substitutes?

How about an apple and some almonds? That would be ideal.

Or sip on some hot green tea with stevia added for sweetness.

Have a bowl of berries and nuts with a little bit of whipped cream on top.

Have some grapes.

If ravenous, have a piece of chicken, or have a huge bowl of home-made soup. Wait 15 minutes, and then decide whether you want something sweet.

If you simply must have a carbohydrate load, I suggest a bowl of slow-cooked oatmeal, with nuts and some fruit on top.

If find you need to sweeten something, I recommend that you puree some fruit and use that as your sweetener.

Or, use cherry, blueberry or pomegranate liquid concentrate. These liquids provide a semi-sweet taste and hare anti-inflammatory.

If you find you must have an added granular sweetener, use stevia.

Whatever you do, don't dig into the refined carbohydrates, sugar or soft drinks. You just can't have these things in the house or at your work or anywhere in your environment. I happen to love cookies. Give me a 2 pound bag and I'll eat 'em all! For this reason, I don't have cookies in the house. I just can't be around them.

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