Success over PCOS, Infertility

by Camille

I was married when I was 20 yrs old and my husband wanted to have kids right away.

I used to have some problems with my periods, but I didn't pay attention to it.

At first, we tried to conceive naturally without giving it much thought, but a few months later I started getting concerned because I would see my friends getting married and getting pregnant right in the first month.
They would be like, "oops! came back pregnant from the honeymoon!"

I had two doctors actually telling me that I was sterile and that adoption would be my only hope.

I was shocked and falling into depression, but then a friend told me, "darling, I don't care what doctors say, if you have an uterus you can get pregnant".

So, I decided to go to another doctor a little bit after a year of trying to conceive and a few months after hearing the devastating "news" of not being able to ever have my own baby.

This doctor was different from the others, she told me to take off all of my clothes to take a good look at me.

She took a quick look and told me, "small breasts, puffy belly, hair where you're not suppose to have.... you have what it's called PCOS. I suggest you put on your clothes and go to the Internet to study about your condition. Educate yourself about it and start treating yourself".

She also told me I could have kids and that this problem was very common. I felt hope.

Because that doctor was so expensive I decided to go to another one.

I read all I could about PCOS and found out about the usage of Metformin in treating it. I asked the new doctor about using it and he put me on 500mg of Metformin 2x a day.

A month later I was pregnant with my 10 year old. She was born healthy, weighting 7bls 9oz.

We were happy and decided not to have more kids because of financial problems.

6 years later our situation was a little better again and we started feeling the need to have another baby.

I started once again taking Metformin, but this time 850mg 2x a day and again, conceived in the same month, after being on the pill for about 5 months only in order to get a period (I don't get a period unless I take bcps).

My twin girls were born via C-section healthy, weighting around 5 lbs and a half each. They are now 3 years old.
Thank you for reading. I hope you have a success story, too!



Editor's comments: Thanks for an interesting story, Camille!

Women can take metformin, which does have side effects for many. It can be effective for reducing a condition called "insulin resistance", which is a primary cause of PCOS and infertility.

However, some medical studies have shown that lifestyle changes can be as effective as metformin. Lifestyle changes include: greatly improving the quality of the diet, getting much more exercise, and reducing chronic stress.

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it is common
by: Anonymous

IT is common to stress, but it is true it is proven that you do take care of urself you will be able to take ur time..take care

Thats an inspiring post
by: Ruk

Hi Camille,
Thank you so much for posting this. I was diagnosed with PCOS a year ago and my OBGYN put me on Metformin 500mg twice a day. I got my periods regular. I started following a healthy diet and workout program. I lost around 40 lbs. My husband and I just started trying for a baby this month and I hope and pray we will have a good news for all soon.

Your story is very inspiring. Thank you so much

Wish me good luck :)


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