Success in My Struggle with PCOS

by Mo

I was diagnosed with PCOS at age fifteen.

When I first found out, I was upset because my doctor told me that I would never be able to have children.

I have always loved kids and my life long dream is to be a mother of several children.

My doctor wanted to put me on several medications and I am someone who doesn't like to take them unless it is completely needed.

I told him that I wanted to try a different method and left that doctor.

I began eating a balanced diet and watched calories, saturated fat and sodium. I have also just recently begun an all organic and natural diet.

I have now lost 25 lbs and am still losing. I have had 9 regular periods too.

I truly believe that there are other methods besides taking medications.

I have had so much more energy and I feel better in general since losing the weight and starting my periods.

I hope that I will someday get my family with several kids, but for now I will continue to lose weight and get my health ready to have them.


Editor's comments: Hi Mo, it's presumptuous of any health professional to tell you that you cannot have children simply because you have PCOS. I cannot understand why a professional would want to inflict such an uninformed opinion on a client. Doesn't he or she understand what a tremendous blow it is to tell a woman she can't start a family?

Congratulations on your progress so far! Amazing! It shows you what good health practices can do. If any women gives her body the food it really wants and if her body gets the exercise it wants, good things start to happen.

There are thousands of women who have PCOS and who have been able to start a family. In fact, I just received a message from someone who just had her fifth baby!

Thanks for your inspirational story!

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kanimozhi from india
by: Anonymous

hi frnds.........
its very great to hear ur words....i had been diagnosed with pcos last year.......i had lost nearly 10 kgs of weight through some still doing exersises and reduced taking carbs and started taking more fruits...

Need suggestion
by: Anonymous

Dear MO

your story matched with my story in way that i also dont want to be on medicine but gynecologist clearly mentioned it that if i don't take medicine it will be trauma in ovaries and it will affect bad on my skin as well. please guide me......

by: Amber-Lucky Charm

I was told the same thing.. i was 16.. "you can't have kids" is what i hear from every dr.. yet i carried a kid for 7.5 months.. Unsuccessful birth but i still was able to get pregnant. I'm so happy things are working out for you.. I need to try to lose some more weight.. yet i've been watching my self.. i'm skinny one year and heavy the next... when i'm skinny I DO NOT HAVE A PERIOD but when i'm heavy i have periods like every other month.. Keep your head up .. I'll keep your in prayers and i hope you get your family one day darlin...

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