Still waiting!! ...and Coming to Terms with PCOS

by Belinda

Hey everyone! I just found this website - never thought I could read so many PCOS success stories. It's great!!

I actually felt kinda weird...almost emotional reading most stories, because it's like "Oh my god....that's me! I'm not the only one!"

I'm 25, and I am getting married in a little under 2 months. My only wish in life is to be a mother, so of course I had to be cursed a little in that area!!

I have only had like 4 real periods, and the last one was when I was about 15 years old. I too was put on the pill after a long stint of incredibly painful cramps, weight gain and a period that lasted a day, then came back 6 months later and stuck around for about 2 weeks!!

So where I stand at the moment is I have pretty much come to terms with the fact that I have PCOS, but here's the thing!

About 3 months ago when I finally found a couple of awesome women's health doctors locally, whom were interested to find out my situation. I went on to have an ultrasound, after being stuffed full of birth control pills for the last 6 years of wanting to find out what else might be happening.

So I need to go back to the doctor to show them the ultrasounds - which obviously show cysts on the ovaries. The last 4...yes that's right, 4… appointments have been cancelled and re-made by them!! It takes like a month or two to get in!!

I am overweight, I do not eat junk food, I do not smoke, I hardly drink alcohol. I have a treadmill and a walking track that I use all the time.

I just cannot budge this weight at all!! I don't really want to go on diabetic medication....I would like to make the changes on my own, but it's getting really hard. Oh and all but one of my huge circle of friends have children, I myself am a child health nurse, and I feel so ready to become a mother!! I would do anything!!

Editors Note:

A healthier diet can help reduce ovarian cysts.

A recent study from the Institute of Research Pharmacology in Italy analyzed the diet over a ten-year span of 225 women with benign ovarian cysts and 450 women who did not have ovarian cysts.

The researchers discovered that the type of food eaten influenced the development of cysts. For example, they said that women who consumed the most beef and cheese developed the most ovarian cysts. In contrast, consumption of green vegetables provided a strong protective effect. This study makes it clear that what you eat will influence whether or not you develop ovarian cysts.

We have written an in-depth diet book for women with PCOS. But the dietary recommendations in the book for polycystic ovary syndrome are the same for ovarian cysts.

Regarding the weight difficulty, have you had your thyroid function checked? Women with PCOS often have low thyroid function, which makes weight loss quite difficult.

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