Should Vitex be used in PCOS if you have high LH?

by Cindy

I have been trying to follow the PCOS diet as best I can, along with doing exercise and taking supplements (such as saw palmetto) I've been wanting to try Vitex because I've read about all the success stories on here.

However, it seems to increase LH levels (according to many websites), which is what i DON'T want, because my LH/FSH ratio is already high (more than 3:1). Will Vitex make it even worse? I really want to take it because I have low progesterone, but I don't know how it will affect my LH levels.

Any advice from anyone who has tried it and had high LH?


Editor's comments: I might suggest you look at it from the perspective that your body has many hormones and other signaling molecules, all of which influence each other, either directly or indirectly. You can lose your perspective if you concentrate only what one thing does to one hormone. It's just not that simple.

In general, many women with PCOS have used vitex with good results. Click here for more information about vitex. Click here for a high quality vitex product.

Anyone else's comments about their experience with vitex is welcome.

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Vitex and FSH, LH and Progesterone
by: Anonymous

It appears that Vitex has a main role and that is that it increases LH and decreases FSH. In women with PCOS, typically, this is not what you want as the FSH:LH ratio SHOULD be 1:1 but in PCOS it is 1:2, so the FSH is low and LH is high. One result of this is increased progesterone. The increase in progesterone is what regulates the menstral cycle of the PCOS individual. The normalization in cycles is NOT due to ovulation each cycle, but rather induced by increased progresterone. Hope that helps!

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