Restored Hope Even Through Loss and Sadness

by Tanya
(New Jersey)

I am 32 year old....only aware of my PCOS for about 1 year now. I had previously read about it and told docs about it, but I was blown off for 2+ years.

Finally, the diagnosis was confirmed last year August by a new doc - Endocrinologist. By November I was pregnant after only being on Metformin for less than 30 days....pregnancy went well for the first 5 months, then for reasons unrelated to PCOS, I miscarried at 21 weeks.

The most devastating thing I have ever faced, having to deliver my little girl early and know she was not going to make it.....I and my husband truly know the meaning of a broken heart. We struggled to get pregnant for so long, and even through the pain of the loss....I looked and my baby girl and was radiant with pride that we had made her, even as she slipped away from us within an hour of her birth. Just knowing God had blessed us with the hope of a family, and it is still a hope, and no longer a fear of it not being possible...was an incredible feeling.

I too changed my diet...majority this occurred in the early stages of my pregnancy...since I got pregnant so quickly after being diagnosed and placed on Metformin. I cut sugars drastically as well as "white" carbs.....focused on whole grain rice and bread.

I lost all the excessive weight; the swelling in my face and body went looked like I was losing weight while pregnant, but it was because my body was finally operating correctly.....the insulin resistance was being conquered. My body was actually becoming more healthy while pregnant, which was a for my loss, I went into premature labor due to my body fighting an infection.

I was reproductively fine, and my daughter was as perfect as a 21 week old could be.....We are on our quest to pregnancy again, and with the knowledge I know have regarding my PCOS....the future is bright, and our chances are tremendous in comparison to when I had no knowledge of what my body needed from me.

I have ordered and received the book that is promoted by this is now my bible. I hope to decrease all the high risk factors we faced with having PCOS. My LDL cholosterol is elevated as a result....which I now take flax seed oil supplements to help decrease it.....and looking for additional supplements to take in combination with flax seed oil.....any suggestions, please post.

I have never had an irregular period; it always came like clockwork, but I do believe there were deficiencies in my cycle that I was not aware of, which cause my inability to conceive for 5 years....To conquer this, it is a complete lifestyle change, but if it means giving me an edge against elevated risk of cardio vascular disease, ovarian cancer, diabetes, weight gain and all the other issues we face, then it is a fight I plan to do my best to win.......

I wish the best for you all.....stay focused and know making the best decisions for your health is the only option......

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