Regular Periods and still PCOS?

by shannon

My story is a little different and I'm wondering if anyone else can relate or give suggestions.

I had my first period two days before my 12th birthday. I'm 37. In all those years I think I missed my period once.

I go to a naturopath and it has taken three years to get my testosterone levels down, progesterone up, vitamin A, D and B12 at reasonable ranges.

I started losing my hair three months after my dad passed away three years ago and was doing fine with that until my grandmother and baby great-nephew's deaths earlier this year.

I've been extremely stressed due to work and have not been able to lose weight even when I was exercising and watching carbs.

In February, after trying for 10 months to conceive (had implantation bleeding twice ending in periods both times, miscarried once at 8 weeks) my doctor ordered a transvaginal ultrasound.

I was then diagnosed with PCOS given all the other symptoms (hair growth, hair loss/thinning, high testosterone) even though I have had regular periods all my life -painful ones that required anti-inflammatories for years.

The transvaginal was completed on day 21 of my cycle, which is the day of ovulation for me and remarked of enlarged follicles. I have a 21 day follicular cycle and a 14 day luteal cycle so it made sense to me that there were follicles there.

If the technician used a regular 28 day cycle to diagnose then they would find a problem with enlarged follicles on day 21, right?

They said that just because the follicles are enlarged does not mean an egg is being released and then I wonder why I still have periods.

I've been tracking temperature and ovulation for over two years now. I'm very regular.

After being diagnosed with PCOS I missed a period.

I believe this was due to struggling with the loss of my great-nephew.

I ovulated on day 14 last month and missed an opportunity because, as a lesbian whose best male friend is elsewhere, didn't get the shipment sent in time.

My physician's solution was Clomid. My naturopath's solution was Vitex.

I don't really want to take the clomid but at this point we are running out of savings (shipping sperm is expensive) and I feel running out of time so maybe it will increase my chances of becoming pregnant.

I also have to use fresh or overnighted sperm because I had a reaction to the freezing chemicals with unknown donors.

This means we must inseminate at home because I can't find a doctor who will inseminate sperm that hasn't been quarantined for six months (that would mean freezing it!).

I feel everything is stacked against me and am just wondering what else I can do.

Can I really have PCOS even though I've been regular for all but two months in 25 years?

My naturopath is just wonderful, keeps track of my chemical levels, checks thyroid regularly, all the things recommended, but I wonder if the diagnosis is leading me in the right direction.

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Keep up the good work!
by: PCOS Editor

I'm very sorry to hear about the rape and associated difficulties. It sounds like you're doing well in spite of it. So kudos to you! Keep up the good work.

You still have a lot of life ahead of you. Try to focus on what's happening today. The past is behind you and the future is not here yet.

Had regular periods always
by: Jas

Hi there,

When I was 14 I was told I had PCO. I look back at my pictures, after I was 6 very normal healthy weight. Then at 7 I started gaining weight and skin darkened and excess hair growth at probably 14.

My periods started at 12. And were very regular, but sometimes heavy and did not stop for 15 days. Then the excess hair. So the doctor done tests and found out I had PCO. I was put on metformin and dianette. Then my Mum had breast cancer. So when I was 20 I came off the tablets because of the doctor saying I cannot take any more dianette. I decided I will not take any medication.

I am 25 now and I have fairly regular periods, no pain, they last about 5 days and 28-32 day cycle. Yes I ovulate every month because my temperature goes up and my cervical mucus changes.

Also I was raped ... and I didn't know I was raped I only found out because I was pregnant. I did not proceed to have the baby, after my car accident and mental health.

I do not really have any symptoms of PCO, I have always tried to eat very healthy, home meals, never eat a lot, and exercise. Yes I do remove excess hair all the time. But that's about it. I don't know .... I have never really talked to anyone about this.

Just wondering
by: Eboni

Hi my name is Eboni and in february I was told the bad news that I had PCOS. Before I was diginosed with it I was feeling so bad everyday. Everything was going wrong, weight gain, extra hair growth/hair loss, tired but just feeling sick. I have all the symptoms for PSOC. The doctor gave me birth control pills and a drug called Metformin. It worked for a while but I still had my symptoms. I got off the birth control pills because my periods were back to normal.My doctor told me that it was nothing to be done about it but to just try and lose weight. He made it sound so easy and I knew it wasn't. I could drink a bottle of water and gain some weight.I know what he said wasn't be true, I think it had to do with getting more money out of it because he knew I would be coming back in the future. So I did some looking around on the web and came across some natrual supplements. I came across a websit called InsuliteLabs which has a system that is designed to help reverse your condition and restore your health. I advise everyone that suffers from PSOC to go to the websit and check it out. I decided to try it out and Im feeling great so far but I just started like two weeks ago. Everyone who has done this has something wonderful to say about it. Like I said just go to the websit read up on it because it has all the information you need to know about PCOS and the system. The websit is I just want to say to everyone out there with this problem don't give up and your not alone. I wish I could huge each and everyone of you out there with this problem.

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