Recommendation for PCOS Doctor?

by Raquel
(Phoenix, AZ, USA)


I was a senior in high school and still had no idea what a period felt like. My family doctor every year said that at my age it was normal.

But when I hit my 18 years of age, he sent me to get some lab tests, and with the results he sent me with the same endocrinologist that my mother had gone for years (she has thyroid disorder). I loved that doctor; the few things that I know about PCOS, it's because of him.

He immediately put me on different birth control pills, to find out what program would help me the most. The bad thing was that I only saw him yearly, only when I visited Mexico, because he was a Doctor in my hometown of Torreon in Mexico.

The last time that I saw him he told me to continue with the birth control pills, and said that next year he wanted to try something different with me, but he didn't say what.

The next year that I went to Mexico, I tried to make an appointment with him, but I was told that he died of a heart attack. I will never believe that story because he was such a healthy man, he was also a nutriologist. We all think that due to the violence in Mexico that he closed his clinic, and moved somewhere else.

His secretary referred us to another doctor, but he just treats us like merchandise. Since then I've looked for a doctor with knowledge of PCOS, and caring with its patients.

I live in Phoenix AZ, I've gone with a few doctors now and they just treat me like the 40 minutes that they consult you on, they don't even pay attention to what you're saying, and they don't offer any solution.

So I found your page online, and my question is do you know of any good endocrinologist around this area, that can help me not cure, but treat my PCOS?

Hoping to hear from back from you.


Editor's comments: Hi Raquel,

I don't know of any endocrinologists in Phoenix who specialize in PCOS. If you want to see one, ask your doctor for a referral, or ask a friend of they know of someone.

If you are of Hispanic origin, you may have a greater tendency for "insulin resistance" and future diabetic issues. Insulin resistance is thought to be a primary cause of polycystic ovarian syndrome.

Birth control pills do nothing to reduce insulin resistance. Some birth control pills reduce the production of male hormones in your ovaries. This may improve your symptoms but does not remove the root cause of your problems.

From our perspective on health care, we don't recommend birth control pills, partly because of their various side effects. One significant side effect is increased risk of blood clots. Some women with polycystic ovary syndrome already have problems with their blood circulation system.

A more effective long-term strategy would be to try to identify the causes of your PCOS issues and remove the causes.

Since you live in Phoenix, I might suggest you consult with a licensed naturopathic physician. There are quite a few of them in Phoenix. Perhaps you can find one in this directory.

They can take the time to do an in-depth diagnostic workup and provide you with a detailed, personalized treatment plan, without total reliance on pharmaceuticals.

You can also take time to learn more about this disorder. For example, it's well known that an improved diet and increased exercise will reduce symptoms. This e-book is one resource that may help.

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